DE – 49

You see that and turn your head to the American with the scar chin, he looked in his late 30s and wearing a jacket, but you can see the dog tag on him as you notice even the bald man with dark skin also has one, but only those two had them.

Looking at the three dead guys on their side. You had no more reason to stay here as you turn around and about to leave.

“You bart! When someone is talking to you, you should not ignore them!” The bald man with dark skin said that. You look behind yourself and looked away and started to walk off again.


“Calm down. I am sorry about this… can you least tell us your name?” The American with the scar chin said.

You: “I am Ace.”

“Well, ace I am Lester until we meet again,” Lester said as the dark skin wanted to chase you, but Lester stops him and shakes his head.

You walked not turning around once as you really do not want to get involved with them as soon you reach the blue car also the black car is at. Upon arriving back to the cars, you change your clothes from the Roy men get up to just plain looking clothes. As you took a can of meat and ate it before heading to the driver seat of the black car.

You left the blue car since the size of the black car is bigger than the blue. Which you needed more room for the car.

You drove bit more around Liverpool just sightseeing you doing as someone walking onto the middle of the road. You looked at its massive arms which reach to the ground.

With the same grey eyes like the rest with fangs like the Claws, types have but its hands are enormous as they no nail on the if they hands outgrow themselves. You stopped the car looking at it.

With its height about 177cm tall. This is an evolved zombie, but it’s clearly not the two kinds you seen before. Seeing the massive arms, you did not know how strong it is or what stage it is at.

Within a second later the huge arms zombie grab the ground and use its arms to leap itself at you! But it misses only to zoom past you as it falls to the ground. At this moment after seeing it launching power which even goes faster the Claws Type 1 does even a Claws Type 2 only level higher to this zombie launching speed.

With the AK47 in your hand. You fire off the rounds of the Ak 47 as it notices you firing at it. You see it has lifted itself from the ground with its huge arms and leapt at the houses and gripped its fat fingers into the house wall. Hugging like a monkey by the wall which lifted you dumbstruck.

You slap out of it as its huge arms throw itself in the air as one of the hands tightened into a fist and smashed! You luckily as you dodge the attack but looking at the ground where that newly evolved zombie fist hit.

Seeing the huge fist hand hole into the ground as you know this zombie is not as strong as a stage 2 zombies are like the 4m tall zombie also you call it Giant Type 2 might is a level higher to this arms freak.

You still fire off the Ak 47 even if your skills with the guns not that good but you thought it would not hurt to trained while trying to think a way to kill this huge arm’s zombie who seems to be stronger than the stage 1 but still a level lower to the stage 2 of evolving zombies.

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