DE – 48

With the sounds of bullets that does not seem to be ending anytime soon. You began to wonder how much ammo do they have?

“This is not good! We nearly out of ammo, those fucking animals!”

“I do not think even they have much left as well.”

Two of them said as they return fire to the other side, as Roy men are indeed running low on ammo as you did hope to kill them and take their ammo.

“Say, brother, how your arm?” Said the only one out of the four not firing at the other side.

“Like this really.” You said as you grab the soldier neck at the same time crushed his neck, with your inhuman strength you killed the soldier like if it were a bug as you let your grip go as the body falls the ground the three and the one cross you all looked your way.

But you did not waste time as you picked stone on the floor and threw it at one of their heads which worked more effectively than a bullet since the rock went through his head.


“What going on!?”

As the other side stopped their firing as they heard their yells and screams of Roy men.

You got up as two of the soldier who skilled as soldiers before the Death Era looked at you with fear in their spine as they confuse what they just saw you threw a stone as it went through one of them like nothing.

“Kill him!” Went one of them but you ran with speed far past their reaction speed and grabbed both of they faces in each hand and slam they head’s into the ground! As you made the back of the two soldiers heads are like mesh onto the ground as you stood up as the other side with the 3 see you.

“Die!” Went the dark skin colour man with no hair and seemed to be in his early 40s.

“Wait!” Said the America one.

“Indeed, stop, he has bloody hands as he is not facing us no?” Said the man with the long beard and also light brown skin.

You heard them but did not bother with them as you looked at the remaining Roy man with the wounds on him he is clearly going to meet death at any moment. You walk to him as he panics as you walked towards him. With him wanting to scream out for help but knowing they are no one left to save him and seeing a monster approaching him. You stood by him as he looked into yours lcy eyes as this man with the wounds cannot help to piss himself.

“Ah! Stay away! Monster!” Seeing your strength and speed personally the wounded man tries to get up but everytime he tries he fell to the ground.

“This is the end.” You said as you took out the P229 pistol and fired a shot at the wound man head. With a new hold on his forehead, you look at it for a second before you hear the other side.

“One of them kill their own?”

“Seems like it, or he never one of them to begin with. But the real problem is, is he foe or friend?” Said the American looking at you with their guns aiming at you.

You had no reason to talk to the other side, as you are done the killing them you hope the little girl who the other side was safe.

As you did not bother to look at them and walk off yourself, but one of the stopped you.

“May I asked, who is your name?” Said the American as you looked around seeing the little girl with blonde hair peeking behind the cover which her mother drags her away.

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