DE – 47

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

“What the fuck are you!?” seeing bullet removing by itself in your skull and you regained yourself and looked at the long hair man with his face is, even more, paler as if his pale face cannot be paler then before.

You: “I am just me, an unkillable passerby.”

You said as the long hair man handsome turn ugly as he is too frightened of you as he passed out on the floor.

You stood up as you went to him taking the MP9’s from the ground and the Model 66 as well as you walked to one of Roy’s men cars. As you place the weapons at the back of the car and check if they are any keys in the car as they are, you drove the car to your blue one as you drove there you still hear the sounds of gun firing from the group ahead.

After placing all of the stuff from the blue car to this one since it is bigger than the blue car you keep the black car.

You then change your clothes since the long coat has bloody holes thanks to that long hair man, you left with no choice but to change but you notice in the black car there is a bag in there as you open it up and notice they are clothing in them the same kind of clothes Roy men wear as you see them an evil grin appeared on your face.

As you took off your clothes and wear the same kind of clothes as one of them as you wear a cap to hide your face to them. As you then took the AK47 rifle with you as you also took the crowbar as well.

As you a different plan than before, as you pick P229 pistol in your hands and fire a shot at your left arm.

With a bang also heard by the two groups as you ran in average human speed to them.

“Huh there one more!?” Said the man with the scar chin.

“Hump, another one huh, shot him!” The dark skin man with his bald head said with annoyance as soon he sees you. Of course this group did not expect you not one of Roy men as though as the group of 6 is now group of 3. And the Roy men said is now just the four skilled soldiers.

“Is he one of us?”

“Brothers he is shot!”

“Come over here before they kill you and keep you head down!”

The three of the four elites of the soldiers proudly said as he did not waste time and increase your speed a little after well-trained men do not run for the average speed and as you ran to them.

The other group of 3 fire their MP5’s at you as you just ran and dodged the bullets.

“You here, brother, which until you from and what is your name?” Said one of them, seeing your shot arm as he holds you up. As he places you by the wall for cover.

Seeing there one other here then the four shooting at the other side. He is another Roy men, and he is wounded as his face is pale.

You took peek at the other side form the edge of the wall, glancing over. You still hear the little girl crying lightly than before.

“Brother, what unit are you from?”

You: “What unit? I am from the one that kills beasts.” You said as the four are shocked as they even thought you meant evolve animals or they just confused by your words.

As an evil smile is on your face. Which the dying man cross you finds your smile terrifying.

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