DE – 46

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

“What you doing…!” The long hair man said as your right hand grab his neck, and lift his body up by his neck. With fear can be seen in the long hair man eyes as he cannot react to your inhuman speed as if he is not looking at a human of his standard level of human or the animals they called other races. But a monster is how this long hair man with his face is like is a sheet of paper it that pale as if his soul nearly left his body felt looking at you.

You: “What I am doing? Just lifting you up by the neck but I wonder what will happen if I increase my strength in my grip on your neck?”

“You think you can get away of this! You know who I am!?” The long hair man said as you smile also added a little strength.

“Ahh! …I speak…! …I speak …!” Feeling your grip increase greatly but the reality was you just added a little, but the long hair man felt that little bit of inhuman strength was as if you trying to kill him which in fact you did not care if he did.

You: “Tell me why you hiding the truth of the Death Cell?”

“Death Cell??” Of course, you expected him not to know of Death Cell the names of the cell Noah has given to them, but he still knew of the existence of the cells even if he does not know the name of them.

You: “They are the cells name of what really made the dead rise from the dead. Tell me why you hid this fact of the cells making the dead rise as zombies even evolving them as well.”


You: “Maybe I should increase the grip again?” As you said that the fear in the long hair man grow yet again as he thinks of his neck nearly being crushed by yours light gripping.

“Roy wants to put the blame on them fucking animals so many other of our race will be brought into our ranks. After all, even if they had nothing to do with it. What about what they did to this country before this cell thing!”

The long hair man bellowed that with his smug smile as he really hates other races to his core as you can see why he knew something that others do not in Roy men since both Roy and this long hair man are extreme racists.

You: “You damn racists looking for death? You think you can keep that information about the Death Cells away from them forever? You just dragging others in your goddamn shit.”

You said that as the long hair man laughs as he had gone mad.

“Fine, just die!” Your eyes widen as you hear him as he removes his hands on your wrist of the hand you are lifting him up with and took out a Model 66 form his jacket as you are careless as you only thought he only had the MP9’s not another gun on him.

As he pointed the Model 66 revolver at your head, and with a bang! Your mind went blank.

The long hair man laughed and kick your body, as he did not expect you to have so much strength left after you had fallen from the rooftop and also shot many times. As he kicks your body few times until his eyes widen as he remembers the odd bullets as if someone took many bullets out of someone,

Seeing the bullet in your forehead is being moved out itself as the bullet pop out from your forehead as the long hair man see this, fear is what he felt seeing such a monster in front of him.

As your eyes open as you regain yourself from your blankless,

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