DE – 45

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

You on your back on someone backyard, while you lay there and looked at the sky. With sounds of someone at the gate, you close your eyes as the trio came into the backyard.

“So this is the rat? Check if he is still alive!”

“Yes, sir!” Both Roy men walked towards s you hear each of they steps sounded on the grass of the yard. As they did not even point their MP5’s at you as they think you are dead.

“Looked at him he has a crossbow and also two guns on his back… those are an AK47 also a G36?” Said one of the duos.

“G36 is one of the most common weapons in the police force but an AK47? Only us around us and those fucking animals have them.” The other Duo said as the long hair man looked at your body as for some reason he feels uneasy being near you.

At this time you opened your eyes as the duos are shocked about you when you opened your eyes as the long man pointed his MP9’s at you.

“Stay right there! But I doubt you can move right? You fell quite a fall.” Said the long hair man with a smug on his face looking at you.

“Even so, I wonder where you able to get your hands on that crossbow and the AK47? After all the G36 one of the police force standards weapons is a lot more easily explained then getting your hand on an AK47, so you get after you kill one of us? Protector?” The long hair said.

You: “What is a protector I keep hearing this over and over.” Before when you question the ones on their knees, you really did not care who the protectors are, but now it is different as you keep hearing it makes you wonder what this ‘protectors’ thing is is.

“What they are? I can’t tell if you just sound lifeless or you just dying, but to think you do not know about them? I mean after all those animals have our race with them as they called themselves protectors even the animals do but they not human just the fucking bringers of this virus!” The long hair man bellows madly as he really hates other races more than the 10 you killed before.

You: “Virus? You lot really do not know? About our cells in our body? The reason is the dead rising is not because of some virus but our evolution.” You said as the duo eyes widen as they think you are crazy as they laughed.


With storms bullets coming out of the 9MP’s in the long hair man hand as you did not expect the long hair man will kill two of his own as soon you told them about the cells even if you did not say Death Cells but the long man on the other hand, shot his own as his eyes turned icy cold.

“How do you know? I think I should kill you off now. Or should I leave you? I mean after all you dying but since I am nice, I will just finish you off now.”

You see, the long hair man knew about the Death Cells so even they know about it they keeping it a secret? You think they might cover up the truth and put lies of other races made the virus which is false, but Roy knows this will help him to build his own empire of racist. If this man reaches outside of Liverpool, after all, Roy is adding oil to the fire with this lie but if people know about the Death Cells that will put out the fire Roy started.

You think of that you smile as the long hair man with his handsome look at you pointing his MP9’s at you. But he is only a human as you went up and zoom with your 5 times greater speed of a human is and grab his neck.

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