DE – 44

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

You think for a bit seeing one of Roy men shot in the head being careless, but at a cost one of the group’s of six got shot in the arm and dropped the P220.

You: “I see, with those four well-trained soldiers on that racist’s bastard side it only matter of time until the weaker side will die. Hump. To think I am going to mess with this group again. Better find some way to kill the four skilled soldiers before they kill the other side.”

You said, as you suddenly remember you left two of Roy cars which do have the same symbol on them. If you can trick them if back up has come and use you inhuman strength and speed to kill them and drive off, you think that at you looked at the house’s roof as you felt you might be faster arriving at that trap area.

You jump on the blue car which than which wasn’t hard as you can nearly jump about 3m in the air which you use the car to jump at someone’s car garage, and then leap on someone’s house which you grab the edge of the roof and pull yourself up to the top. Then you took a deep breath before running at full speed.

With your running is over five times faster than average human is, you long jumped about 14m cross to another house. You run and jump each time you find you near the edge of a house you did not stop as you soon arrive at where that blockage, the place you killed the 10 of those Roy men.

You stand and stoop on a top of the house looking at a new car added to the two; you see two people wearing the same clothes as Roy men. You see they hold onto MP5’s looking at the dead bodies.

“Who did this? They destroyed all of our guns? Why?” One of the duos cannot believe someone will dare to break those guns you had broken before.

“The wound on this one, someone killed these men with some blade like an axe, and they were on their knees as well.”

“So someone questioned them and killed our guys, from the looks of the patterns also the fact they so much blood here and there someone wounded but who?” Said a voice as this person walked at a car as the two see him, he has long blonde hair and also has brown hair. His eyes are sharp like blades looking at the dead bodies while two MP9’s in each hand.

“Someone missing?” The two said at the same time as this long hair man who is handsome but dangerous type looked at the pile of blood where they shot at you firstly.

“Bullets? Bloody as well, did some took them out?” The long hair man said looking at the bullets that once in your body.

“What should we do?” One of the duos asked the long hair man as an evil grin is shown on his face.

“How about we kill the rat on the rooftops!” The long man bellow which your eyes widen as you did not expect to be found out this fast or at all, as waves of bullets came out form the twin MP9’s at you.

WIth many bullets hit you as you cannot help to lose your footing as you fall on the ground and slide down the rooftop to the backyard of the house you stood on.

Seeing you had fall over the handsome long hair man had a pound smug on his face as the other two with the MP5’s were shocked as they did not expect to find someone on the rooftops as they looked at each other and fellow the long hair man as the three headed to the backyard of that house.

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