DE – 43

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

You drove in the blue car looking for anything else in Liverpool as you soon hear sounds of gunshots. You stop the car. When you open the door of the car taking the P229 pistol with you and the AK 47 also G36 as well the Barnett Ghost 410.

Since the AK 47 and G36 has straps on them, you carry them on your back. Which two guns on your back and the P229 pistol by your back of your wrist. And the Barnett Ghost 410 in your hands as you looked at the location where the sounds of gunshots coming from.

As you hid in the shadows trying not to be seen whoever the ones firing their guns at, as the sounds of the guns not stopping. As two groups fought each other.

You did not bother joining in, but you might as well see the result of this battle since it really blocks the road ahead.

You hid by one of the eyes with your inhuman sights as your eyes see two group of people.

One of the two group’s is like the 10 of those Roy men since they have AK 47’s and G36’s with them as the other side has few MP5’s only one of them has a P229 Pistol.

With the sounds of gunshots throughout the battlefield with Roy men and the other group, you can guess why form Roy men personality.

With the other group has 6 of them, two of them has black colour skin. 3 of them has light brown like skin as one of there has a beard. As only one who has white skin.

They fire their guns at the enemy as Roy men have 9 with they guns pack more power but one of the dark skin and white skin men clearly been trained before as they handle the guns with skill if they been in the army.

“You fucking animals!”

“You damn you, protector! We the same, why are you protecting those animals!”

Roy men bellow at the other group as one of them did not like the fact one of the six is the same race. You watch them being one with the shadows.

“One of you? I am not even English! I am from the USA not UK!” The white skin man has a scar on his chin with skills like a soldier before Death Era.

“Not UK?” The other side soldier or one of Roy men did not know if he just a protector or animal?

“Damn animal in the same skin colour!” However one of them views this American as non-human.

Since ancient times humans did not like others, they are cases they do. And cases they hate them to the bone. Racism has been there since ancient times as reason might be their beliefs, skin colour and such.

But now with Death Era being an era where the law is gone only the strong has rights to rule. As many awake to their dark desires as Roy Brown is one of those people.

More you see or hear of this man more you felt this displease feeling with a person you never have seen before. Looking at the six of them you felt something off seeing they not just size, but just six fighting the 9 of them.

Suddenly your sharp ears heard cries of a child in the building behind the six firing their guns at Roy men.

“Tsk, fine. Only this once.” You said as you had very lightly trust with humans since being eaten alive not long ago were due to them.

But you felt you cannot call yourself human even if your body might no longer felt like one, but you know only with the two soldiers on the six side. But on Roy men side they also four of them has the same level of skills as a soldier before the Death Era.

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