DE – 42

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

After killing the 10 of them. You collected all of the G36’s and AK 47’s as well with 4 Ak 47’s, and 6 G36’s this tells how armed those men were.

You also check their bodies as you see P229 pistols they all have. You kept all of the ammo which you did not count just put them in the trunk of the blue car which barely has any damage done to it.

You use your inhuman strength to destroy all of the guns just leaving one of the two rifles each and 2 of the P229 pistols. You cannot take all of them, and you did not want those people to search for them later and still have the guns.

You sighed seeing your clothes are cover in blood you went back to the car and drove around Liverpool until you find yourself a shop with clothes in the store.

You looked at the charity shop. Since it might felt terrible to steal from charities but you do not know they still exist and also the current you really do not care.

Seeing the door is locked after going to the door to open it. You forced it open this time around as you did you took the door with you.

You: “Shame there not a horde out here or else just pushing them back with a door sounds funny.”

You said lightly as you walked in and looked around the place. After a while, you pick out sets of plain clothes. And also long coat which is dark grey with same colour fedora hat.

You wear them with new clothes which are use charity clothes. You looked around for other stuff might become useful. Nothing else.

You walk out of the charity shop as you did you notice 2m zombies with 100s of others with them.

Seeing the horde and you took a look at the door you took off from the charity as you sighed and yell at the swarm of the undead.

You: “I were only joking about roaming a door into you lot!”

You think you might have enough ammo to kill them but that still huge waste of ammo. You looked at the 2m tall zombies and within them is a 3m one?

Seeing the 3m tall zombie with the same features as the 2m ones both bald and ripped with muscles. You see the thing is running not dragging its body like the 2m giant zombies are.

You also think of a name with that 3m zombie roaming its way towards you. The speed is just bit faster than the average human is. But the speed is nowhere near the Claws Type 1 is at about half of its speed but the 3m zombie is indeed a lot stronger than you seeing is went into cars and flattens them just leaving destruction in its path.

You think the power of AK 47 or the G36 able to kill the 2m zombies but this one? You guess unless form a stronger bullet able to kill the 3m tall zombie. Like Claws Type 1 and 2, you give this Giant Type 1 and Giant Type 2, as you also short them to C1 and C2 as for Claws Type’s and G1 and G2 for Giant Types, you felt it will be easy to remember them like that.

You looked back as you went into the blue car before they can get to you. You drove out of the area as you looked around the houses you had not check out yet.

With nothing just the odd zombie on the road or two which you drove past them if they left you room. Or not you just roam them into the ground like the Giant Type 2, or G2 zombie did flatten the cars into the ground as you did the same with the car to common zombies.


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