DE – 41

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

You threw the dead body at one of the soldiers as you did the rains of bullets did not ended. You pick up the AK 47 and fire off rounds at them as they run to their cars for cover but you grin very evilly, you ran faster then them having the AK 47 in your right hand and the hatchet you took out of your jacket.

You run past them and firing the AK 47 at 3 by the car as they tell in shock with your speed as you no interested what they saying as you kill 2 of them with your as poor firing skills as these soldiers.

Before Death Era, none of these people was soldiers or police as they clearly had no training in firearms before Death Era and they had not trained as well as real soldiers do. With fear and death awaiting them, they open fire like a madman at you as you did not bother to dodge with your monstrous body you had.

Using the hatchet killing off 2 of them. With 5 remaining beg for their lives as you walked to the five of them, As you about 1 m away from them.

“Please do not kill me!”

“They told me to do this!”

“You liar! You the one drag me into this!”

“Shut up!”

You watch them bitch at each other as you pointed the AK 47 at one of their heads, bang! As the four left were bitching shut up seeing one of their own had new hole in his forehead, as fear ran down their spines as they see you as a reaper just waiting to deliver them to death doorstep.

You: “Now that better, tell me who is this Roy Brown? How many in your ranks?”

You asked them as they not willing at first but seeing you use the hatchet to kill one of them they soon told you everything about them.

With over 2,000 of them as 450 of them are soldiers. They had gangs join Roy as they had AK 47’s and other weapons as for they leader Roy, he is a racist, a big one as well as he is the one told everyone it is the other races that bring this virus as they had no clue about the cells and blame it on others.

As many fellow Roy as he is strong like inhumanly is he the holy being but you think he is like you another evolve human, since you one of them does not mean you the only one out there, as this Roy is clearly one of you, a evolve human.

And the treatment for those who not English as the three told you what they did and others also did, you killed them ripping their heads off.

In there stronghold is a place called the parking lot, which is a building in the stronghold where people park their cars in them, as you hear hoe Roy is using this parking building as, you really felt sorry but you no fool as you cannot save them or have reason to.

In that very building, they rape; torture; kill and treat them worse than animals. You hear that you blank out and kill the three you did not see as humans as they told you even them did that.

You looked at the where the stronghold is at. As you view the place and the soldiers not the survivors since you do not know how they are treated.

Roy and his men in your eyes are no longer human just beasts in human skin. You alone cannot stop them or you have rights to, as truth you wanted to leave here as fast you can and be no part of this.

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