DE – 40

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

You see they are 6 of them pointing the AK47’s and G36’s at you while you just stood in the same place not moving.

“They nothing to be afraid of, we all brothers after all with the same race.”

You: “Afraid? You wrong about that, I just standing here and what you mean about brothers? We nothing related.”

You said to the one not pointing his gun at you as he laughs, you honestly did not feel comfortable with them here with you, as they pointed their rifles at you while sweet taking you in their ranks.

“You see brother. We are the true race. Only us the rights of the true race are allowed to be called human! We are the true race. Only us the rights of the true race are allowed to be called human! You one of us. I can tell from the way you talk.”

You: “I still had no idea what you on about?”

You said as you went to flee from here, but it will be a pain in one backside which is why you had not moved from where you stand at.

“Okay, I understand this world is like, with the dead coming back to life thanks to those fucking animals even animals are changing all thanks to them! That why we are English people! The true human race! should stop them! That why you should join us if not you one of those protector’s and if so die here. So what is it?”

You: “Fucking racists, you think I will join this Roy Brown? And you are blaming other races for this? What is happening to this world?”

You felt sick listening to these people as they are blaming other races as they have no clue about the Death Cells or how the animals have evolving cells. This is an evolution which put humanity in danger.

With law and order soon ended with the beginning of this era, Death Era you know humans will unlock their inhumane side. As those racists lot calling other animals show how this Roy Brown the so-called chosen one handle things.

Seeing you just said that the seven soldiers faces turn into raged as you insulted their holy being Roy Brown, as they pointed the AK47’s and G36’s assault rifles at you.

“All protectors should die!”

And like that the seven unleashed a storm of bullets at you with the countless sounds of the guns firing off as they are okay to waste ammo or they just that piss off what you said so they had not noticed they wasting ammo on you like that.

With the feeling of stabbings of the bullets coming into your body. You fall to the ground. As you did, they stopped they storm of bullets.

“Check his body and his car for supplies, and chop his limbs to spread them in the street as for the reminder of those fucking protectors we are hunting them all down with their fucking pets!”

You did not move as you grin waiting for them to come to you. Since they  had shot you it okay to kill them, right? You feel the bullets in your body are slowly removing themselves out of your flesh.

As you hear footsteps as they about to reach you, as all of a sudden you grab the man neck! As the 6 and the 3 at the back sees you standing up with a body that has holes with the sounds of metal hitting the floor which is the bullets in your body pouring on the ground.

“He is alive!?”

“I shot him in the head, how!?”

“Bullets! They are bullets falling onto the ground!”


As they again started a storm of bullets but they clearly too frightened to notice in your grip is a meat shield, as you swung him as the storm of bullets hit him.

With the man, you grab by the neck soon had his back full with holes of the bullets meant for you, as he shortly died being killed as a meat shield.

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