DE – 39

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

You did not bother looking at this stronghold anymore seeing them chase down the person with darker skin colour did left disgust taste in your mouth.

But you did not want to get involved with them, as a plan to sneak in this stronghold later since they will keep your supplies and weapons as you no fool.

Of course, the person with the different skin colour to them could do something wrong, but that does not explain the manners of his chasers hunting him like a dog.

You walk back to the car and drove off this area. As you did, you drove to the other side of Liverpool as zombies on the streets try to drag they heavy bodies to you but you. But the car is faster as you tested few things like parking and stopping the vehicle on timing since as of today you never drove as your reactions allow you to drive not as bad.

You stop as you turn around as you did the road is block by cars and other stuff like wood and metal objects.

You thought they might be another stronghold in Liverpool but as you stop and about to turned around. When all of a sudden two other cars drove out from the corners of the street as you seen this is a trap you did not feel frightened as you expected something like this will happen in this so-called Death Era where there is no law or order.

Seeing the two cars are bit bigger than yours, as five of each car went out of their car’s as 10 men with guns in their hands, both AK47’s and G36 rifles they have.

Seeing them being heavily armed with guns like the AK47 did leave a question how did they manage to get a hold of such a gun in the UK?

As you see 7 out of the 10 match towards you, you opened the driver door and hid the hatchet in your jacket.

As the 7 seen the dyed blood on you, they all raise they weapons at you as you just turn around.

“Stay there!”

Seeing the blood on you one of them yell that at you as you did what they told you just stood there.

“Are you bitten!?”

You: “This is someone else blood, and I am not bitten.”

You said as you lied about being bitten well you were being eaten twice which is the reason why you are indeed cover in your own blood as you didn’t pack any other clothes with you.

Hearing your answer the men looked at each other and nodded.

“We are Roy Brown men! Tell us if you one of us or one of those so-called fucking protectors!”

You looked at them, confused protectors?

You: “I got no idea who this Roy Brown is, or what a protector is.”

You told them as you really do not care even of them are, as you did not want to waste any more time here.

“You do not know of Roy Brown the chosen one? The one will guide us in this world of ruins?”

You did not know what to reply to that one, as you did not expect someone is being called the chosen one? You honestly did not know how oneself responds to that.

As the men see you did not respond to them, they looked at each other.

“Come, we have food and supplies and our guardian, Roy Brown! You new around these parts right? Before those animals come for you, we will protect you from them!”

Animals? As in evolving animals? As you did not what these people mean about that as they try to bring you in while only one of the seven soldiers not pointing their guns at you.

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