DE – 38

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

While you are dumbfounded that your regenerating new arms as the humerus is fully grown with your flesh also regrowing back, you did not know if you should be happy or frightened about your arms are growing back!

Even so, the speed of your arms regrowing back is not fast or was it? After you cannot ask how long does it took to regrow back your arms, can you?

As the Claws Type 2 did not stop there as its open, it’s mouths showing its fangs before taking another bite out of you.

You hold in the pain being bitten by the Claws Type 2 mouth, as you know this is the only way. As it reaction time and speed are above yours, you know you only had the upper hand with strength being higher than it, and the fact your inhumanity regenerating speed.

You waited as your arms regrowing back slowly as your neck and chest being ripped off with your flesh as you back in the shed again, as you hold it in the pain sometimes you cannot take it and let out a painful yell.

As your arms just about to be completely healed and back to what they were. You looked at the Claws Type 2 eating away, as you had enough of this hellish pains! As your arms are back as you with both arms grabs the Claws Type 2 head with your grip each side of its head.


With it realise it is in danger it swings its long claws at you as it stabs and slashed at you, you just completely crushed its head as its skull and brain matters blast like a balloon being popped.

With the Claws Type body falls to the ground, you sighed seeing it, if it has not been caught off guard there no way you could kill it like that.

You looked at the Claws Type body before heading back into the car, as you drove out of here.

About half an hour past as you stopped as you feel hungry, well you took a can out form the trunk and opened it, as you ate the can of meat while looking at the buildings in front of you as your eyes caught sights of the signboard saying, Liverpool.

You: “So I am now in Liverpool?”

You said to yourself, as you finished the can and just left it on the ground as you drive off, heading to Liverpool as you still desire to find both Henry and your brother.

You stopped at a hill just outside of Liverpool near the hospital’s buildings as you see the fencing of cars and wood being made like a stronghold as you see with your better eyesights you see the place is booming with people, as one the walls they built has people with guns on them.

You notice there no police nor army here just common folks with guns as you wonder where they got their hands on these firearms which you barely can see what model of firearms they have.

You watch them for an awhile before you notice someone being chased by the soldiers of this stronghold as a teenager with age of 18 or so as he ran out of the way as the soldiers chasing him?

You see the soldiers of this stronghold laughing while chasing this is not a chase more like a manhunt as the soldiers got guns why did they not use them?

But you also realise the one being chased skin colour is a bit darker to the rest, and why is he the only one there with different skin colour you can see from here?

You smell something fishy about this stronghold.

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