DE – 37

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

Within reach with the crowbar in your hand, as one of Claws Type 1’s about to slashed they claws at you, you swung the crowbar faster as the hock-like-end smash into its head mashing its head into pieces, as the other three jump back at that time.

As they do not bother about the fallen Claws Type 1 like them as they leap into the air at you.

As you see that you stood waiting for them, as you swing the crowbar at one of them smashing its head open, as the other two ran to your each side, as one on your right and the other is on your left as they about to attack the same time with they claw’s like nails.

You grin seeing the they about to slashed at you, as you stood as they claws slashed at your side, you felt the pain at each side of your body, but comparing to the time you were being eaten by zombie this pains of the Claws Type 1s digging into your ribcage is nothing, as you drop the crowbar as you did with reaction speed that far past a human’s, you grabbed the Claws Type 1s faces as you did you smashed the back of their heads onto the road.

With their heads like smash like a watermelon on the road, as you just killed four evolved zombies like nothing, as you looked at the Claws Type 2 jumping onto the group as it seems to like to watch more than hunt, as it raises its claws as it ran at you.

With a speed which even you find hard to keep up with, as the Claws Type 2 swing its claws more than twice as long as the Claws Types 1’s are, you felt its claws ripped into your chest as your reaction speed is not as good as the Claws Type 2’s is.

Seeing that as you fall onto your knees seeing the deep cut on your chest, as the next moment, the Claws Type 2’s mouth open wide before biting into your neck.

You: “Argh!! You fucker!”

You bellow at the Claws Type 2, as you push it away, as you did the Claws Type 2’s body flew in the air about 5m before it spun in mid-air as it lands on it legs.

Seeing the Claws Type 2 zombie smoothly landed as if it well common for it, you pick up the crowbar, facing the Claws Type 2 with it lizard-like claws and sharp fangs, the thing run so fast yet again as you also swing the crowbar out of reaction of it running at you, but you soon find out the reaction time between you and it, as it jump up at the time time your crowbar about to hit it.

As the hit did not hit the Claws Type 2 but air instead, as its spin in the air and slashes of its claws cut off both your arms!

Seeing both arms slashed off with the blood of your own threw out of where your arms should be attached, as you soon felt the pain of your limbs being cut off.

You: “Aaarrrggghhh!”

You bellow out, as you yell in both rage and pain, as you feel the burning feeling like that time at the shed, as you stare at the Claws Type two.

With you being armless a sudden thought ran through your mind as you looked at the now gone arm, as you see very slowly a bone, the humerus of the bone, where the upper bone of the arm is growing, as you looked at the sinister screen of your arm growing back very slowly.

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