DE – 36

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

With the burning pain in your heart as you felt it, as both, you heart and body felt they are burning as you trying to hold yourself with your hand on the car to support you as you felt weak all of the sudden.

Then your skin felt like something trying to rip out of it, as you fall to the ground as you suddenly feel the new kind of pain other than your heart and whole body burning.

You find problems with your breathing next, as you had no clue what is going on, as you use all the strength in your body to rest your back on the blue car, waiting for this pain to go away.

You: “Haa, Haa, what was that?”

You asked yourself nothing knowing what just happened, as you had no idea how to describe what just happen, as you feel the pains of the burning and the fact it felt if your skin wanting to rip apart.

Feeling the hellish burning and ripping apart feeling is growing weaker and weaker as you got up from the ground as you took a deep breath, before looking at your handprint mark left on the car roof, as you stare at the dent on the car roof as you use your inhuman strength to do that.

You sighed, looking at that, as you about to go back in, you felt something watching you, you turned around.

Looking at the forest behind you, as you about to leave that forest, but you feel like someone watching you, as you looking at the trees as your eyes widen.

On one of the trees is a person with grey eyes, lizard-like claws, and very thin body with shattered clothes it wearing as you can see it’s bony chest as if it hasn’t eaten for many years.

Seeing the similar kind of zombie that fought the giant cow in the forest is staring at you, if you were the same before going to that family house before getting eaten by their zombie pets they kept in that shed, you will run or try to in fear.

As you looked at the stage 2 evolve zombie of that one with the long nails as you do not know why but both of them feel the same.

And not just the stage two zombie watching you, you turn your head and see four of it stage 1 of the same type with their 3 inch long nails they have unlike the lizard claws of the stage two has which are 7 inches long.

As the five zombies, you can see, as four like the ones chased you at the warehouse surrounded you and looking for an opening, as the stage 2 type of them just watching as it waiting for the others of the same type of it.

You did not feel fear as you heart felt like the void even facing those five, as the four zombies looked at you, as their stage 2 of those four stood in the tree, as it waiting for you to make a move first.

You: “You know, I do not know why but you a lot feel the same. How about claws? Claws Type 1? And Claws Type 2?”

You said, to them as you know they cannot understand you, but you just label those evolve zombies that felt the same, is this one of the characteristics of an Evolve Human? Able to tell apart of the evolve zombies? You did not think more about it.

Walking to the door where the crowbar and hatchet are at, as the four see how you move to the car door to the shotgun seat of the car.

As the four ran at you, as you looked at them running at you as you did not bother to move, just waiting for them.

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