DE – 35

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

Seeing the two of them now dead for go, you close the door and head back in, as you looked around the house, seeing they some duffle bags within the back room of the house, you pack the tins and the meds in those duffle bags.

By walking outside of the house to the back, you went to the blue car using those car keys you find and unlock the car as you went to the trunk of the blue car, as you open it, you saw within the trunk a backup wheel for the car and nothing else.

By placing the bags in the back of the car, as there is room left in there to fit another one or two duffle bags as you close the door of the car trunk by doing so you, looked at driver sat, as you never drive before as you not really sure how to.

Putting the crowbar and hatchet on the driving sat, as you looked up in the sky with the white clouds and clear skies, you wonder where next? You did not ask or given a chance to asked them before killing them where you are.

You walk to the driving seat, as you sat there and close the driver door. You place your hands on the steering wheel, looking out of the window in front of you, remembering what happened here, and the fact you feel completely different than before, as you about to set off you notice both the keys, not in the ignition, nor you had seat belt yourself.

After you seat belted yourself, and set the keys in the ignition, as the car roar with its engine on. As you push down the accelerator as you made the car move about 3m before you stopped the car with the brake.

As you spend about your messing around with the car as you got used to it, luckily your inhuman reaction time stop you from crashing into anything.

You drive the blue car out of the backyard by running over their fencing which you did not care if the car really gets damage by roaming it into wooden fences, as you did the fences flatten into the ground.

You drove onto the road which you were walking on before Zachariah took you to his house, as you drive onwards as you did not care where you go. About 2 hours went as you drive with not knowing where you are, you looked at the area in front of you.

With many buildings in front of you, as you thought if you can find anything about even your brother or Henry here, you looked at the crowbar and the hatchet as you put the Barnett Ghost 410 crossbow in the trunk of the car since if someone sees that they might try to kill you?

You realised in the shed even if you did not turned like one of them, why are you not died? You saw the pile of blood left by those zombies eating you, as your head’s not right at that time as you just killed all who did that to you to finally notice that.

Not only your flesh regrow back as your body seems not hurt as you check yesterday while cleaning the blood off before sleeping on the sofa in the living room.

Thinking about you really need of clothes, as the ones you had one were ripped and dyed in the blood which all of it is mostly your own.

You open the driver door while walking out, looking at the clothes you find and put on yesterday which were Zachariah from the looks of it.

Suddenly your body and heart felt if they are on fire as you grab your chest while holding onto the car with the pain of your body suddenly burning up.

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