DE – 34

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

With the light of the sun shines into the living room while you on the sofa, as you spent the night in the living after you took the old woman body out of the room which you just threw her body outside as you did not care if it were raining.

While on the sofa you feel the light of the sun on your eyelids as you open your eyes. Standing up from the couch you looked at the coffee table in the middle of the sofas and armchairs, just staring at the backpack.  

You got up from the sofa yawning as you walked past the armchair you kicked over and heading to the kitchen, with no power or gas, you looked at the portable stove on the kitchen side, and the portable stove which used for camping and cooking, and the gas canister which seems half empty which holds 200g but you think it might be around 100g left in there.

You tool the portable stove as it just fit in the backpack, thinking it might be wise if you can carry more what you find in this house,

After looking in the cupboards and such you find, 3 kg of rice, 2kg of pasta, 10 tins of meat, 34 tins of vegetables, and 4 tins of baked beans.

You find the empty package of sausages which you had odd feelings remembering the food you ate which were drugged.

Seeing the amount of food is not wise to leave it, but also no way to carry this amount, as you sighed and looked at the kitchen window looking at the thing with a cover on it, you knew the shape of whatever may be under that cover which stops the rain dropping onto the thing.

You walk outside form the kitchen door to the back seeing the thing as you took off the covers from it.

Seeing the light blue metal object with four wheels, seeing the car before your eyes, as you never drive before, but who can tell you can’t now?

You head back to the house looking for the keys which you head upstairs for the first time, as you arrive there you see the rooms.

Heading to the first one just plain room with two beds, nothing there. The next one is the upstairs bathroom, seeing if anything there, you find a box of gauze, 20ml eyes drops, 2 rolls of bandages, 500ml of antiseptic cream about 2 of them, half bottle of 400ml cough medicine, antihistamine tablets about 21 left.

Seeing your harvest for the bathroom, as medicine will be like gold in this day and age with the walking dead roaming around the world.

You head to the other three rooms, you find the keys in the master room, but also found two things you did not expect to find.

One is a Hatchet which is by someone bed, and the other thing is Crowbar.

Seeing the two melee weapons, you smile as you took them two along with the meds down downstairs.

Heading down there you stop hearing the banging on the door, you almost forget about one fact about this so-called Death Era is the dead will come back to life as one of them.

Seeing the old woman and old man, which you killed as only their grandson, you killed him by stab an arrowhead at his forehead.

Looking at the crowbar in your hand and looking at them, as you went to place the meds where you put the food in, the kitchen, and then you head straight to them.

Opening the door and swung the crowbar at the old woman head, and grab the old man neck and then smashed his head by hitting his head on the ground with the hand that been gripping.


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