DE – 33

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

Looking at the window of the house as you thought of the backpack and those tapes you have not listen to yet, as you walked with the Barnett Ghost 410 crossbow in your hand.

Walking out of the shed you looked at the sky as you see the clouds started to darken as you felt the raindrops on your face, which more and more rain pour down, which you walked to the door of their house with the sounds of rain falling onto the ground.

Opening the door which leads to the hallway, then you head to the living room as you went there you notice on the sofa that you sat, the backpack which should be by the side of the couch is not there.

At this moment you hear the door of the kitchen opened as you move out of sight when the old woman coming into the living room.

Thinking of her meal which ended being drugged, you looked at the old woman who just plain looking as she entered the living room and sat one of those armchairs, as this moment you pointed the Barnett Ghost 410 at the back of her head as she is sitting on the chair.

Old woman: “Zachariah is that you?”

She said turning her head to you seeing the arrowhead pointing at her and the fact you alive.

Seeing this the old woman trying to run out of the chair, but you instead kick the back of it making her and the chair to fall over to the ground.

With a chair added to her weight as she tries to lift the chair from her you added more weight to the chair by place and lightly push your shoe down onwards the armchair.

Old Woman: “Help! Zachariah, Bobby!”

With fear and the pain of her being crushed between the floor and chair, she yells out for help, for the ones you just killed.

You: “They will not be coming.”

Hearing you said that the old woman looked into your eyes which she finds your soulless eyes like the void, as the old woman looked at you.

Old woman: “What you said? What you did to my grandson and  Bobby!”

She yall out as you pointed the Barnett Ghost 410 crossbow in your hands at her.

You: “Do not worry you going to join them now.”

You said as you pull the trigger of the Barnett Ghost 410 as the arrow flew out and pierced her forehead.

Seeing the dead woman who drugs you with the arrow stuck in her chest, you felt nothing like if your heart really became like the void, as you just walk off looking for your backpack.

Heading to the kitchen seeing the table with your cans form your backpack is laid on the table, and the tape player also smashed with the tapes, you look at them with you soulless eyes before you kick the table in rage!

Why!? Is the first thing pop in your mind, thinking why they will destroy the tapes and the tape player! There your only clues what is happening! Did they hear what is on them and destroy them afterwards? Or they just did that to erase your existence being here?

Looking at the table that been broken into pieces, you walked to your empty backpack and put those cans and the water bottles back in it, as you sat on the chair you sat before being drug on it, you looked at the ceiling you just killed 3 people and yet did not felt anything, nothing like your heart truly is like the void, nothing just empty.

Thinking about going on and what you just did you cannot help but to laugh as soon the night came as you stay for the night here, in this house who owners been killed by your own hands.

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