DE – 32

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

With one of your shoes stood in brain matter while the one around your age reaches its arms at you, you smile madly seeing it as you grab the zombie jaw, as you grab the zombie jaw nearly stopped all of its movements.

You crushed it Jaw with your grip as you smile seeing the jaw broken, as you soon smashed its head into the ground.

Seeing the zombie you throw at the wall coming towards you, you ran to it as you grab it’s head and crushing its skull slowly before it pops like a watermelon.

Hearing voices outside of the shed which is Zachariah and his grandfather Boddy, a every devilish grin is there thinking of how ‘kind’ they been to you.

With the shed opening, you hide yourself out of their sight.

Zachariah walked in and sees his family, his mother, father and siblings heads all over the ground his eyes widen as his knees hit the floor, staring at the headless bodies.

Bobby: “What happens here?”

Bobby asked Zachariah as he turns to look at his grandfather face seeing his family killed.

Bobby: “Who could do something like this!? No, no! I can’t let you leave me again!”

Bobby move faster as he falls to the ground due to how quick he went, as Zachariah sees his grandfather like that, he was about to aid him until he saw you suddenly come out of nowhere, looking down onto Bobby as he felt someone above him as he lifts head up to see who as his eyes widen as yours and his eyes met.

You: “How?”

Bobby asked but seeing his family heads smashed into pieces, lit of rage is seem in Bobby’s eyes while he was looking at you as he about to raise his cane at you, but you were faster as your grip his throat.

Lifting Bobby in the air by his throat, as his legs not touching the ground as his hands on your hand which is the one lifting him, as you slowly added strength as you want them all to die a painful death for feeding you to those zombies!

Zachariah: “Let him go!”

Zachariah got up from his knees and fire off the crossbow in his hand, as an arrow price your back pierced your back, as you looked over your shoulder seeing the pale as a sheet of paper pierced face as he looked at you not even letting his grandfather even with an arrow pierced your back he reload and shot others arrows at your back.

You turn your head back as you feel the stabs of the arrows on your back, but they nothing compare being eaten by zombies! You added more strength to your grip choking Bobby as his hands that were trying to remove your hand fall off as he barely has any strength left in him, you see that Bobby is now dead you just release your grip as his body falls to the ground.

Zachariah watch his grandfather falls to the ground dead as he about to run after him, someone grips his face, which is you the one gripping his face taking out one of the arrows in your back, you watch Zachariah eyes full with both hate and fear.

Zachariah: “You monster!”

Zachariah said as you hear that you cannot help but laugh as you did Zachariah felt, even more, fear listening to you as you took one of the arrows from your back as you did.

You: “I am monster? I am not the monster here!”

You stab the arrowhead into forehead Zachariah head! As you threw him to the ground and took the crossbow and the 11 arrows which all have your blood on the arrowhead, of course, one of them had two kinds of blood mix with Zachariah blood with yours.

Looking at the crossbow, you see the name Barnett Ghost 410 onto it, as you see that you know what kind it is, as you look at the scope and though it, as load a, arrow and took the quiver and looked at the main house.

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