DE – 31

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

Seeing their rotten mouths opening and going down towards you, you cannot move or yell for help, as you know this is the end, as one of their rotten hands grabs your right leg.

Seeing the mouth of one of them went to your leg and chop into your leg! Feeling the teeth ripping into your flesh and your blood coming out of your leg you wanted to scream out the pain but cannot due to the drugs.

Another one bite at your neck as you feel it ripping off your flash, as they ripped off your flesh! Feeling all the stabs of the fangs of the zombies and when they ripped off the flesh of your legs neck, chest you felt all four of them feasting on your body.

You did not understand why are you alive, or why they still feasting away, as you lay on the ground within the shed awaiting for even you turning into one of them or turned into a skeleton like the two you seen before.

But watching your flesh is regrowing back!? When the zombies bite away and rip off the flesh, some of your flesh is regrowing back like that time with the cut that healed like nothing! More they ripped into your flesh as you feel the endless hell of being eaten you did not notice your flesh growing in increase the time frame to regrow back every time those zombies take off your flesh.

You did not know when the pain that having your flesh being ripped off every time you feel the pain lesser and lesser each time as your fear soon gone with a thought why are you not dead? Or one of them? Just laying on the ground with four of them eating away of your flesh away.

Your heart felt like the void just empty, you feel nothing as you stare at the ceiling of the shed while the four happily eat away at your flesh.

Feeling you manage to move your fingers a little, you realize the drug effects are going away, you soon become free of the drug as the void in your heart soon mix with complicated feelings, as you stare at one of the zombies.

The older male zombie hair soon is grabbed by your right hand lifting it by his hair as you drag its head closer to your own, with rage, fear and other feelings taking over every part of you.

You: “You enjoy eating me so much? What about if I fucking eat you!?”

You did not think of anything or nothing as many will question what you just said and what you about to do, but your sanity is not there anymore just hatred towards the four eating your flesh and those tricked you here, as this moment your humanity became like broken glass.

Biting into male older zombie neck, and ripping off its own flesh you soon threw that zombie at the wall of the shed with a loud slam onto the wall is sounded as you next pin down the older female one and ripped her flesh and chewing it’s rotten flesh, as you did not think about the wrong or horrible taste in your mouth just your eyes locked on the four.

One of the zombies who is a little girl or was, took a bite of you while you pin down another one, you see the thing biting your shoulder as you grabbed and smashed her face with her skull into pieces.

With her body falls to the ground, you soon got up where you were pinning the zombie down.

Looking down on it before it could get up to stamp on its head flatting the hand like a pancake.

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