DE – 30

Upon arriving in the kitchen, you see an old woman with flowers design apron she has on, as she smiles at you.

Old woman: “You must be hungry dearly, we have banger and mush for our dinner, come have a seat!”

You seat as find out the old woman is called Niamh Griffiths as she gives out the mush out as each have a portion with two sausages which does not count as a full meal but to able to have this amount of food with them which did make you surprise since you thought food in this new world or era are scarce especially something like this meal, banger and mush.

As they soon sat as you sat across Bobby with Niamh and Zachariah at the side of the table in this kitchen, as you and the rest say pray which you did not remember when the last time you did.

Soon you ate with them, as you see the meal in front of you. But suddenly you began to see the meal you just ate about one-third of the meal, but for some reason, your version is spinning as you soon feel very weak as you fall off your chair on the floor.

Feeling your body will not move, only your eyes can move you even cannot move your finger even a little, you see the kitchen floor as three people watch you from above, as you see Zachariah and the rest just standing there with different kind of eyes before.

Seeing their icy gazes at you, you felt fear as you need to go out of this house as fast as you can! But your body or mouth to shout cannot even move, as you see the three as Zachariah hold you up while Bobby took a closer looked at you before telling Zachariah to take you to the shed.

As Zachariah drags you into the wooden shed as the bigger door of wood, then the house door is, as you see Zachariah put you down on the ground while you thinking of fleeing but your body just will not move no matter what as if they drug you!

Your heart beating very fast, as you cannot calm down but due to the fact you cannot do nothing just watching those wooden 2.5m doors opens as you hear sounds of something or more than one moving inside.

Zachariah once more picks you up dragging your body up, and as you enter the shed, you see four people, no! Zombies!

Seeing one of them is just a few years younger than you and the other child one is about 13 or so, the two older ones looked in their 40s or so, but you saw them before! They are Zachariah parents and brother and sister!

Seeing his family which he looked at them as Zachariah smile at them which is the first time he did that you saw him doing so.

Zachariah: “Mother, father I have new food for you, please be better, or grandfather and grandmother will be worried about you not eating so much. (Y/N) (L/N) is your food called, enjoy!”

Zachariah said as he drags your body closer and lift it and throw you on the ground near them, as Zachariah smiles at his parents and sister and brother before closing the shed door.

Your body cannot move, you saw some pile of bones at the middle of the room in the shed as this made you think it not Zachariah, no, their first time doing this as the four zombies came closer and closer to you.

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