DE – 29

Zachariah opens the wooden to his grandparent’s house, as Zachariah open the door open.

Zachariah: “Welcome, come in I’m going to tell mine grandparents about you, stay here.”

You nodded as Zachariah walk off into the end door in the hallway you in, as Zachariah open the white door which might lead to the kitchen of this house, as you looked around where you stand.

You see the pairs of shoes, only boots and shoes there, about four pairs of them neatly one side of the hallway. There is a small table seeing the picture of a younger Zachariah and his brother and sister there with his father and mother behind them with Zachariah grandparents also there, or you think they are.

Other than the picture frame, there are flowers in a glass bottle which no water, as you think they might be fake flowers just to make the hallway nicer.

Looking at the flowers you hear the door at the end of the hallway which this hallway only has 3 doors and a staircase leading upstairs. As the white door open as an old man with a gentle smile on his face with old skin which can tell he has aged, with his long sleeves jumper that is blue as the sea he has on and just plain bottoms he has.

The old man walked to you with slow steps with his cane in his hand, as soon this old man stood half a meter away from you.

Bobby: “I am Bobby Griffiths, my grandson told me about you just now, please stay as long you want, we old folks do not have much company.

Bobby said as he reaches his hand out to shake your own as you shake his hand which you can feel his bones with of his.

You: “I am (Y/N) (L/N).”

You said as you smile at the old man greeting you.

Bobby: “Do not stand there lad, come in.”

You nodded as you follow Bobby and his grandson to the living room as they told you to sit, as you looked at the two, three seater sofas and the two armchairs facing the flat screen tv which are in the corner in this room.

Sitting on the greyish sofa with a white cover on it, as you wait here as you see Zachariah watching by the doorway for half a minute until he left the doorway.

You find it weird that Zachariah mother nor father cannot be seen or his little brother or sister anywhere, but you did not bother with it since it not in your place to do so.

You looked at your backpack thinking is it alright to carry it with you? Since you just their guest will it be rude to do so?

While thinking what you should do Boddy walked into the living room as Zachariah behind him.

Boddy: “Sorry about my grandson has his guard up.”

Boddy said as he apologize to you for his grandson behavior.

You: “I am fine with it, and it is understandable.”

You said as you think Zachariah might gone through a lot in these last months as you mostly slept through it all. As everyone sees this hell more than you, you felt a bit down missing out a lot, but you tell yourself you will keep going! No matter what.

Boddy smile as he sat on one of the armchairs in the room as Zachariah just rest his back against the wall just watching you as you felt Uncomfortable and odd why Boddy not saying anything like calm down or something along those lines.

As you wait for an hour in the room with Bobby and Zachariah as you talk about yourself bit and a old woman voice is heard, calling you and them for dinner which you follow behind Zachariah and Boddy to the kitchen.


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