DE – 28

Saying your name the young man Zachariah looked over your body and his eyes sees the backpack and you are unarmed with no weapons at all.

Seeing Zachariah looking at you, your heart rate beat faster thinking if this young man Zachariah might kill you for your supplies.

Zachariah: “Okay, so (Y/N) where are you heading to? And how many of you is there?”

Zachariah asked you.

You: “Just me! I am just trying to find where other survivors like us!”

You honestly told the young man with the pointed the crossbow at you, as your heart beat like crazy as you think if this Zachariah will shoot you with the arrow loaded in the crossbow.

Zachariah: “I see, well I just live with mine grandfather and grandmother house, which is near jus the 7 of us live there, we take turns for looking for supplies.”

Zachariah said as he stopped pointing the crossbow at him which you sighed as you really thought he will kill you. 

‘So not all have fallen to their dark sides?’ You thought as you remember the letter and the tapes, which you had forgotten about the last two tapes you had not yet listen to.

Your brother warned you about how people opening to their dark side, but you think not all will do, as you believe Zachariah and his family had not reached the dark side of humanity.

You nodded at Zachariah as you both began to walk in the forest.

Zachariah: “The forest is dangerous at night father had warned me so many times.”

Zachariah said as you notice the odd behaviour of Zachariah, but you just think of it he might go through a lot these past months. Zachariah talked about his father and mother a lot, his other brother and his sister, as he seems to be a very talky about his family.

Zachariah: “This one time when I broke the window of the house with the football mother and father had bought me when I was little, grandfather forgive me but father, he did not forgive me for months.”

Listening to Zachariah stories as you both walking in the forest, as you do not know where you heading but better than just walking alone you thought.

Zachariah: “That right, do you have any brothers or sisters?”

You: “I do. Just an older brother who is 10 years older than me.”

You told Zachariah that.

Zachariah: “I am oldest myself as there is my little brother, me, father, mother, my little sister and my grandfather and grandmother just left of our family.”

Zachariah said as you notice his darken eyes as you just thought he meant just went through a lot in this world since the day when the undead has raised.

You both walk and walk in the forest until you reach a wooden house, with fencing around the house which seems to be remote from any towns or cities as it appears to be the best place with barely anyone around these parts but thinking the house is surrounded by the forest will evolve animals be around them?

You thought of that staring at the house as Zachariah walk onwards as you follow behind him, you notice the two cars out the second building as the main house and there also a big shed there as well, you just looked at it thinking what might be in the huge shed.

Walking past it, you felt if someone were looking at you as you turn your face around to see what is there, nothing.

Zachariah: “What wrong?”

Zachariah asked you as you just shake your head to both sides, as you carry on walking to the house which seems bigger than the house you lived in with your bother thinking about those days you lightly smile.


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