DE – 27

Feeling the ground vibrating coming closer to where the source of those sounds as you came closer to the point your eyes widen seeing what is in front of you.

Seeing the giant creature running into the trees and flattening them, due to the size and force of the beast breaking them trying to attack the thing in front of it.

The creature is bigger than the mighty dog you saw in the warehouse but it speed is lower but still faster than you, with its body nearly 5m tall seeing the giant beast, which looks similar to the cow with black and white fur but seeing the giant cow that seems it hide stronger than iron seeing it flats the trees without any damage done to it or form the main attacks from the thing being dodging its attacks.

Seeing the claws which not like those zombies with the long nails which can run, but claws which are gray lizard-like as well, with frags, as it’s thin body just like the ones running but seeing it flashes there and here and swings it’s 4 times longer claws than the ones can run before at the evolve giant cow which it’s hide so strong it attack does not work.

Seeing the fight of the advance evolved zombie than the ones you had seen before, as this one seems to be like it is the 2nd stage of the one you see that dog eat but it clear that this zombie and the cow seems to be the kings of these forest as they both trying to kill each other as one hide is like steel, and the other just has monstrous ability.

Seeing the giant cow might running into the trees like they nothing, as you are speechless as you do not know what to say to the screen in front of you, as you knew cows as peaceful creatures.

But seeing the evolved cow is the king of the forest as it is fighting the other king of the forest a more evolved version of the zombie that has long nails and frags.

Seeing this, you know you will be killed with no time at all, as the might of the evolve cow and the stage 2 zombie or you call it a stage two since you have no idea what names those evolve zombies has, but it is clear once a zombie evolve does not mean they stop evolving.

Thinking if zombies can still evolve more than before like into different stages, what about animals and you? As you know you also count as a evolve human, but you really do not know, but feeling your heart beating like a madman with fear seeing the two fight you slowly back away from them, as you hid by the trees trying not to be noticed by them.

Finally out of the forest and back on the road you sat in the middle of the road, you take a breath before heading onwards again.

When you about to go off you hear something behind, as you started to feel sick and tired of the amount of time you had to look back lately.

Seeing the sharp arrow pointed at you as the person holds the crossbow in his hand, as you are shocked to see it wasn’t zombie this time, but a living person!

Seeing the above average in looks man in his late teens or 20s sees you.

Unknown: “Who are you?”

The young man around your age, ashed.

You: “I am (Y/N) (L/N)!”

You said to the young man with the crossbow.

Zachariah: “I am Zachariah Griffiths!”

Saying your name the young man Zachariah looked over your body and his eyes sees the backpack and you are unarmed with no weapons at all.

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