DE – 54

You look at your surroundings men around you, as stop they firing at you, as they looked at you with hatred to their bones. As the long-haired blonde man walked towards as he stops about 4m away from you.

“We meet again, you monster.” He said, you just looked at him not caring to say anything to this one which you did regret to not kill him that time, but you were in a hurry as you smile that looked evil as the soldiers sees them they think you have gone mad but the long hair man, on the other hand, did not.

He has seen you survived a bullet in the head before as he still remembers that from yesterday but he cannot waste time since you know of the existence of the reason they could blind a lot of people believing in them will not exist if known.

After all, this is the reason that racist Roy Brown could rope many in his ranks all because of this lie and cover up, so no one know of the Death Cells exist and bring lies about other races are the reason why the dead are rising so they put the blame on them.

But you know that revenge is just going empty since it not other races fault for this, but the Death Cells.

“You have two options. One you came with us or we will force you to. So what is it going to be?” The long hair man asked you, as you looked around you again and grin.

You: “And how are you going to force me? I like to see that.” You said as you cannot imagine how to can he take you whatever this long hair man wanted you to go to.

“How? Like this really.” He said as he pulls out a pistol and fires a single shot at your right arm, as you felt the stab of the bullet.

You: “You think you can stop me by shooting me? What this?” You started to feel weak all of a sudden you did not know why but the long hair man walk towards you with a pound look on his face with his smug smile looking down on you, as you cannot feel any limbs in your body, for some reason no matter what they cannot move as you feel weak.

You see, you been dragged by the long hair man gun.

“Shocking right? As one of the docs in the home base to think of some way to put you to sleep. So, therefore, the Doc gives me this as I drop the bullets in it. And there you have it. Have good sleep you monster.” The long hair man said as your mind truly went blank.




Your eyes open not knowing where you are as soon you see what in front of you. You seem to be in some room.

You are sitting down on a chair with ropes tied both your arms and leg together. You looked at the rope you feel weak as you trying to move but failed each time you did.

You: “Why does my body feel so weak…” As you said that a voice which you heard from behind you. You looked behind yourself seeing a man in doctor clothes on.

You: “Who are you?”

You asked the man with greyish black hair, he is average looking.

“Me? I am just the one who been ordered to drag you every time you try to move out of here.” The man yawned and said that as it is clear, he really does not care. But your body feels weak, as you cannot break these ropes blinding you to the chair.

You sighed as you have no idea where are you, but you know this not going to end well.

DE – 53

You looked at the moon for a while before heading back to sleep. As the night pass and morning soon arrived you pick up all of the things you carried in the house back into the black car since you took the food out of the cart since it’s not wise to leave food a very hard thing to find in this kind world we all had survived in.

After all that you yawned and ate few cans of food while standing by the black car. Suddenly you can hear roars of car engines ahead you looked ahead.

You walk and use the shadows in the surroundings of this area as you did you soon arrived at where the sounds of roaring cars came from, as you peek at them by the edge of the wall as you went there and stay there and to watch what is happening ahead of here.

Roy men, not one or two of them they like an army with cars. You look at the man leading them as you see him, it the same very long-haired man who you forget to kill after walking away with his MP9’s and such.

The long hair man from yesterday who shot you off the roof that time and killed them two of his own as you reveal the Death Cells to that long hair man guys, he shot them to death.

Seeing the group of cars and people in them which does not seems to be a light amount of numbers of them. They seem to be searching for someone.

You did not want to waste any more time here as you move away from here before they notice me.

“Frozen! Do not move unless you have a death wish!” Said one of Roy men as he did not notice they are even their soldiers around their main force.

Roy men plus also the long hair man hear him as they looked at where you are hiding as they can see their own pointing their at you but they cannot see you since the thing you hiding behind is blocking their views of you.

You looked at the soldier as you see the G36 rifle in his hands pointing it at you.

“Put the gun down and hands behind your back or else!”

You: “How about no?”

You said that as you move with speed 5 times faster than before, you grabbed the man neck and crushed it. As you fire off the MP5 submachine gun at the people in the cars and such.

“Open fire!” Shouted the long hair man, seeing you firing off your gun but still did not see your face since he is that far away to notice who you are.

You avoided the storms of bullets by hiding behind cover while thinking how to get out of this mess.

With sounds of roaring coming from the cars engines as they zoom out as they did they drove into what you were taking cover from as you hear them coming to ram their cars at you, you leap out of cover which a storm of bullets soon follows afterwards.

With your body being hit by the bullets you felt many stabs into your own body as you fall to the ground. As the soldiers see you dead or least think you are they appeached you as you hear their footsteps coming closer and closer.

As one of Roy men were going to check if you are alive. You then opened your eyes and attacked him and send him flying in mid-air.

“We find him! Do not waste our bullets on this freak!” Said the long hair man as his and your eyes met as this man with the handsome with long blonde hair as a smug on his face as he cannot let go from here.

DE – 52

You did not know what to do as you stood there. Was it all a dream? You thought as you walked towards the three. As they talk to themselves.

“Well, what keeping you (Y/N)? Come.” The man said with his brown hair likes yours he looked in his 40s said. He is wearing plain clothes. You know this man very well, his name is Archie (L/N), your father.

You: “Dad is that you?”

Archie: “Of course it is me! That right comes let us eat the food is getting cold.”

Archie, your father, said as you nodded. You walked to him you cannot stop smiling.

You: “I think I had bad dream… sorry for being late, dad.” You said as you felt you missed something but you did not care, one bit.

“That right! Mine son! Is such the hard worker!” Said the beautiful woman with her long black as ink hair just like Mark’s has. She is in her 40s as well. Her name is Brooke (L/N), your mother.

Brooke: “To think our oldest be such an amazing policeman!” You mother said while she is cooking the pot as the three of you await the meals you once miss? You think, why I will miss them? Afterall I have them every day, right?

Archie: “What the matter, son?”

You: “Nothing.”

Mark: “Are you sure? You have been acting a bit weird (Y/N).”

You: “I am fine. I am looking forward to your meals Mum.”

Brooke smile as she went to you as she put whatever in the pot in your bow, as she did your eyes widen as you fall off your chair.

You: “Mother what is this!?” You said as you felt sick and terrified seeing what your mother really put in your bow.

Rotten flesh. A rotten flesh soup! Seeing the hands and eyes also other body parts in you bow you felt sick.

Brooke: “What wrong, I thought you like Griffiths family zombie flesh?” Your mother said as you turn your head to face her you felt fear looking into her eyes turn black with blood tears falling from her black eyes.

You: “Arr!” You yell as he went backward as you stopped by your father, Archie you looked at his face, with the same black eyes as well with blood as tears.

Archie: “I am disappointed in you (Y/N), you useless son of mine. You nothing just a bart that gets in fights after fights. Compare your brother you useless you cannot get a job. Just a killer is what you are. A monster that cannot even feel anything when he for the first time killed someone. When did I raise such a monster?”

You cannot move you that frightens as you stare at your father, Archie.

Mark: “Why are you late?”

You hear you bother as his flesh and eyes are just like the zombies.

Mark: “You doom me to be like this you monster.”

You: “I am no monster!”

Mark: “Really? What about your right arm?” Mark said and pointed at your right arm. You look at your arm with widen eyes seeing the black huge misty claws that should be your arm not this monstrous arm of yours. As your mind went blank.




You sudden open your eyes as you breathe heavy while looking around you seeing you in that house.

You: “So it just a dream huh?” You light laughed as you felt you were going insane in your own dream, while you looked at outside of the window at the moon in the sky above.

DE – 51

As you shift your body to the side and fire the Ak47. As you send a storm of bullets at it. Like before it defends its head with its massive arms of its own. You grin as you expected this to happen as you were not aiming for its head but its legs.

With a pan! It body hit the floor, with its left leg ripped off with the force of the AK47 did to it. The massive arms zombie leap into the sky as it did, it pounded its fist into the ground where you stood.

You leaped then roll out of the way. You looked at the massive arms zombie trying to get up but cannot.

You: “You kidding me?” You said as you also at the same time curse yourself as it does not matter to this evolved zombie if it has legs or not since its arms are longer than it’s arms do not matter if one cut off of its legs.

You see they nothing you can do with this monster. You walked backward with each step you take, the closer it comes to you.

Watching its walking with its hands. You are not surprised since it could launch itself into the air at you with its arms strength. So why cannot it support itself with those very arms?

With another leap at you. You dodge the attack and spend a kick at it with a counterattack.

Zoom! And Pan! It went as it crashed into one of the surroundings cars in this street. With its massive arms lift itself from the car surface which it was destroyed by landing into the car itself.

You did not waste any more time as you run with your fullest to the black car and drive out of here before it can regain itself form the car rumble.

As time past about half an hour. You see the sun coming down as you got out of the black car and took one of the MP5’s with you as you enter the house in front of you.

You opened the door which is not locked and pointed the MP’5 at the hallway to the living room seeking if they any zombies or people in the house.

As you check both upside and downside with no signs of any of them. You when back to the black car and took the bags of food in.

You then have a meal while looking at this house picture theme. You looked at the handsome man with his beautiful wife while the two holding their child who happens to be 3 or so.

You: “Cruel times. Thanks letting me stay for the night.” You said with a bottle of water in your hand as you raise that bottle up and respect whoever the owner may be.

You then stood by one of the windows just looking outside as you watch the moon in the sky. After a while, you stop looking outside of the window as you need to the master room of this house and spend on the bed as you felt comfortable as you fall deep sleep…




With sounds of the winds, you wake up seeing you surrounded by trees. Your eyes widen seeing the two people in front of you stood there as another people came from behind you and patted your shoulder.

“You bart, how long are you going to waste our time?” You hear that man in his 30s with his messy black hair and smoke in his mouth. You cannot control your feelings.

You: “Mark?”

You said as you have no idea what is going here. You just stood there with your eyes widen not because of Mark you brother but the two behind him. As Mark walks to your Mother and Father who both should be dead ten years ago.

DE – 50

With you making storms of bullets with the AK47 in your grips the evolved zombie with the massive arms use its arms like shields as it’s armour of its arms even better than the Giant Type 1 is or you felt it is.

You dodge the incoming right huge fist. As it is clearly not fast until it uses its arm strength to leap at you.

You felt the force of the winds each time it has swung its fist at you. You know the strength of this zombie is the greatest you face so far.

You jump back as you did. The evolve zombie did not waste any time leaping at you again, you roll out of its way. And kick its, but the evolve zombie blocked your kick with its arm and grab you.

Your arm is grabbed and crushed like a bug, which you hold in the pain of your arm been crushed been shattered with its grip. You ripped off your arm seeing this is the only way to free yourself from its insane strength it has.

You feel the hot like hell pain in your flesh wound as your left regrow. You then did not waste time and fire the AK47 at the evolved zombie, but only shots on its body got in, but none of the bullets got it into its head.

You: “Damn! Even if you weaker then them…” You said at that time not long ago you killed the Claws Type 2 but that only because it let its guard down if not. You are unable to beat it. Now you cannot even kill this evolved zombie with the massive arms.

You looked around the houses around you as it leapt to walls to walls. Even if a Claws Type 2 is faster, you cannot keep up at all. This big arms zombie swings on the walls of the house if it were a monkey in the past life as it slams down ita first as you jump out of the way.

You: “This is not funny.” You said while bite your own teeth while being annoyed by this massive arm zombie which things its a money.

“Roar~~~” Went the massive arms zombie as it clearly is mad you been dodging its attack. When you thought of something, you just notice which you will never if you had not think hard enough.

All of the evolve zombies show some emotions other the emotionless zombies. If by any chance do these evolved zombies has intelligent? You knew of the Claws Types like to surrounded they prey like wolves. The Claws Type 2 like a pack leader waiting for its minions aka Claws Types 1.

The Giant Types are forward like tanks destroying anything in its path. Then this one? It is wild, unlike the Claws Types who like to hunt their prey this one is like the Giant Types straightforward like a tank for mayhem.

As the evolve zombie once more swung its fist at you, you dodge it but your skin got cut due to the force of the wind it made.

You jump back as you did this time you did not attack it but watch its movements. Looking for a way to end this evolve zombie with its massive arms.

As it swung its fist at you. You dodge while scanning its body as you been careless which send you flying with your arms did guard the massive arms zombie, but sadly as its attack landed on your arms while defending it’s crushed them as you felt your bones just shattered like nothing.

You cough a mouth full of blood as you stare at as your bloody arms soon healed if nothing happens. You smile as you notice one thing. Its legs are its weakness.

DE – 49

You see that and turn your head to the American with the scar chin, he looked in his late 30s and wearing a jacket, but you can see the dog tag on him as you notice even the bald man with dark skin also has one, but only those two had them.

Looking at the three dead guys on their side. You had no more reason to stay here as you turn around and about to leave.

“You bart! When someone is talking to you, you should not ignore them!” The bald man with dark skin said that. You look behind yourself and looked away and started to walk off again.


“Calm down. I am sorry about this… can you least tell us your name?” The American with the scar chin said.

You: “I am Ace.”

“Well, ace I am Lester until we meet again,” Lester said as the dark skin wanted to chase you, but Lester stops him and shakes his head.

You walked not turning around once as you really do not want to get involved with them as soon you reach the blue car also the black car is at. Upon arriving back to the cars, you change your clothes from the Roy men get up to just plain looking clothes. As you took a can of meat and ate it before heading to the driver seat of the black car.

You left the blue car since the size of the black car is bigger than the blue. Which you needed more room for the car.

You drove bit more around Liverpool just sightseeing you doing as someone walking onto the middle of the road. You looked at its massive arms which reach to the ground.

With the same grey eyes like the rest with fangs like the Claws, types have but its hands are enormous as they no nail on the if they hands outgrow themselves. You stopped the car looking at it.

With its height about 177cm tall. This is an evolved zombie, but it’s clearly not the two kinds you seen before. Seeing the massive arms, you did not know how strong it is or what stage it is at.

Within a second later the huge arms zombie grab the ground and use its arms to leap itself at you! But it misses only to zoom past you as it falls to the ground. At this moment after seeing it launching power which even goes faster the Claws Type 1 does even a Claws Type 2 only level higher to this zombie launching speed.

With the AK47 in your hand. You fire off the rounds of the Ak 47 as it notices you firing at it. You see it has lifted itself from the ground with its huge arms and leapt at the houses and gripped its fat fingers into the house wall. Hugging like a monkey by the wall which lifted you dumbstruck.

You slap out of it as its huge arms throw itself in the air as one of the hands tightened into a fist and smashed! You luckily as you dodge the attack but looking at the ground where that newly evolved zombie fist hit.

Seeing the huge fist hand hole into the ground as you know this zombie is not as strong as a stage 2 zombies are like the 4m tall zombie also you call it Giant Type 2 might is a level higher to this arms freak.

You still fire off the Ak 47 even if your skills with the guns not that good but you thought it would not hurt to trained while trying to think a way to kill this huge arm’s zombie who seems to be stronger than the stage 1 but still a level lower to the stage 2 of evolving zombies.

DE – 48

With the sounds of bullets that does not seem to be ending anytime soon. You began to wonder how much ammo do they have?

“This is not good! We nearly out of ammo, those fucking animals!”

“I do not think even they have much left as well.”

Two of them said as they return fire to the other side, as Roy men are indeed running low on ammo as you did hope to kill them and take their ammo.

“Say, brother, how your arm?” Said the only one out of the four not firing at the other side.

“Like this really.” You said as you grab the soldier neck at the same time crushed his neck, with your inhuman strength you killed the soldier like if it were a bug as you let your grip go as the body falls the ground the three and the one cross you all looked your way.

But you did not waste time as you picked stone on the floor and threw it at one of their heads which worked more effectively than a bullet since the rock went through his head.


“What going on!?”

As the other side stopped their firing as they heard their yells and screams of Roy men.

You got up as two of the soldier who skilled as soldiers before the Death Era looked at you with fear in their spine as they confuse what they just saw you threw a stone as it went through one of them like nothing.

“Kill him!” Went one of them but you ran with speed far past their reaction speed and grabbed both of they faces in each hand and slam they head’s into the ground! As you made the back of the two soldiers heads are like mesh onto the ground as you stood up as the other side with the 3 see you.

“Die!” Went the dark skin colour man with no hair and seemed to be in his early 40s.

“Wait!” Said the America one.

“Indeed, stop, he has bloody hands as he is not facing us no?” Said the man with the long beard and also light brown skin.

You heard them but did not bother with them as you looked at the remaining Roy man with the wounds on him he is clearly going to meet death at any moment. You walk to him as he panics as you walked towards him. With him wanting to scream out for help but knowing they are no one left to save him and seeing a monster approaching him. You stood by him as he looked into yours lcy eyes as this man with the wounds cannot help to piss himself.

“Ah! Stay away! Monster!” Seeing your strength and speed personally the wounded man tries to get up but everytime he tries he fell to the ground.

“This is the end.” You said as you took out the P229 pistol and fired a shot at the wound man head. With a new hold on his forehead, you look at it for a second before you hear the other side.

“One of them kill their own?”

“Seems like it, or he never one of them to begin with. But the real problem is, is he foe or friend?” Said the American looking at you with their guns aiming at you.

You had no reason to talk to the other side, as you are done the killing them you hope the little girl who the other side was safe.

As you did not bother to look at them and walk off yourself, but one of the stopped you.

“May I asked, who is your name?” Said the American as you looked around seeing the little girl with blonde hair peeking behind the cover which her mother drags her away.

DE – 47

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

“What the fuck are you!?” seeing bullet removing by itself in your skull and you regained yourself and looked at the long hair man with his face is, even more, paler as if his pale face cannot be paler then before.

You: “I am just me, an unkillable passerby.”

You said as the long hair man handsome turn ugly as he is too frightened of you as he passed out on the floor.

You stood up as you went to him taking the MP9’s from the ground and the Model 66 as well as you walked to one of Roy’s men cars. As you place the weapons at the back of the car and check if they are any keys in the car as they are, you drove the car to your blue one as you drove there you still hear the sounds of gun firing from the group ahead.

After placing all of the stuff from the blue car to this one since it is bigger than the blue car you keep the black car.

You then change your clothes since the long coat has bloody holes thanks to that long hair man, you left with no choice but to change but you notice in the black car there is a bag in there as you open it up and notice they are clothing in them the same kind of clothes Roy men wear as you see them an evil grin appeared on your face.

As you took off your clothes and wear the same kind of clothes as one of them as you wear a cap to hide your face to them. As you then took the AK47 rifle with you as you also took the crowbar as well.

As you a different plan than before, as you pick P229 pistol in your hands and fire a shot at your left arm.

With a bang also heard by the two groups as you ran in average human speed to them.

“Huh there one more!?” Said the man with the scar chin.

“Hump, another one huh, shot him!” The dark skin man with his bald head said with annoyance as soon he sees you. Of course this group did not expect you not one of Roy men as though as the group of 6 is now group of 3. And the Roy men said is now just the four skilled soldiers.

“Is he one of us?”

“Brothers he is shot!”

“Come over here before they kill you and keep you head down!”

The three of the four elites of the soldiers proudly said as he did not waste time and increase your speed a little after well-trained men do not run for the average speed and as you ran to them.

The other group of 3 fire their MP5’s at you as you just ran and dodged the bullets.

“You here, brother, which until you from and what is your name?” Said one of them, seeing your shot arm as he holds you up. As he places you by the wall for cover.

Seeing there one other here then the four shooting at the other side. He is another Roy men, and he is wounded as his face is pale.

You took peek at the other side form the edge of the wall, glancing over. You still hear the little girl crying lightly than before.

“Brother, what unit are you from?”

You: “What unit? I am from the one that kills beasts.” You said as the four are shocked as they even thought you meant evolve animals or they just confused by your words.

As an evil smile is on your face. Which the dying man cross you finds your smile terrifying.

DE – 46

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

“What you doing…!” The long hair man said as your right hand grab his neck, and lift his body up by his neck. With fear can be seen in the long hair man eyes as he cannot react to your inhuman speed as if he is not looking at a human of his standard level of human or the animals they called other races. But a monster is how this long hair man with his face is like is a sheet of paper it that pale as if his soul nearly left his body felt looking at you.

You: “What I am doing? Just lifting you up by the neck but I wonder what will happen if I increase my strength in my grip on your neck?”

“You think you can get away of this! You know who I am!?” The long hair man said as you smile also added a little strength.

“Ahh! …I speak…! …I speak …!” Feeling your grip increase greatly but the reality was you just added a little, but the long hair man felt that little bit of inhuman strength was as if you trying to kill him which in fact you did not care if he did.

You: “Tell me why you hiding the truth of the Death Cell?”

“Death Cell??” Of course, you expected him not to know of Death Cell the names of the cell Noah has given to them, but he still knew of the existence of the cells even if he does not know the name of them.

You: “They are the cells name of what really made the dead rise from the dead. Tell me why you hid this fact of the cells making the dead rise as zombies even evolving them as well.”


You: “Maybe I should increase the grip again?” As you said that the fear in the long hair man grow yet again as he thinks of his neck nearly being crushed by yours light gripping.

“Roy wants to put the blame on them fucking animals so many other of our race will be brought into our ranks. After all, even if they had nothing to do with it. What about what they did to this country before this cell thing!”

The long hair man bellowed that with his smug smile as he really hates other races to his core as you can see why he knew something that others do not in Roy men since both Roy and this long hair man are extreme racists.

You: “You damn racists looking for death? You think you can keep that information about the Death Cells away from them forever? You just dragging others in your goddamn shit.”

You said that as the long hair man laughs as he had gone mad.

“Fine, just die!” Your eyes widen as you hear him as he removes his hands on your wrist of the hand you are lifting him up with and took out a Model 66 form his jacket as you are careless as you only thought he only had the MP9’s not another gun on him.

As he pointed the Model 66 revolver at your head, and with a bang! Your mind went blank.

The long hair man laughed and kick your body, as he did not expect you to have so much strength left after you had fallen from the rooftop and also shot many times. As he kicks your body few times until his eyes widen as he remembers the odd bullets as if someone took many bullets out of someone,

Seeing the bullet in your forehead is being moved out itself as the bullet pop out from your forehead as the long hair man see this, fear is what he felt seeing such a monster in front of him.

As your eyes open as you regain yourself from your blankless,

DE – 45

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

You on your back on someone backyard, while you lay there and looked at the sky. With sounds of someone at the gate, you close your eyes as the trio came into the backyard.

“So this is the rat? Check if he is still alive!”

“Yes, sir!” Both Roy men walked towards s you hear each of they steps sounded on the grass of the yard. As they did not even point their MP5’s at you as they think you are dead.

“Looked at him he has a crossbow and also two guns on his back… those are an AK47 also a G36?” Said one of the duos.

“G36 is one of the most common weapons in the police force but an AK47? Only us around us and those fucking animals have them.” The other Duo said as the long hair man looked at your body as for some reason he feels uneasy being near you.

At this time you opened your eyes as the duos are shocked about you when you opened your eyes as the long man pointed his MP9’s at you.

“Stay right there! But I doubt you can move right? You fell quite a fall.” Said the long hair man with a smug on his face looking at you.

“Even so, I wonder where you able to get your hands on that crossbow and the AK47? After all the G36 one of the police force standards weapons is a lot more easily explained then getting your hand on an AK47, so you get after you kill one of us? Protector?” The long hair said.

You: “What is a protector I keep hearing this over and over.” Before when you question the ones on their knees, you really did not care who the protectors are, but now it is different as you keep hearing it makes you wonder what this ‘protectors’ thing is is.

“What they are? I can’t tell if you just sound lifeless or you just dying, but to think you do not know about them? I mean after all those animals have our race with them as they called themselves protectors even the animals do but they not human just the fucking bringers of this virus!” The long hair man bellows madly as he really hates other races more than the 10 you killed before.

You: “Virus? You lot really do not know? About our cells in our body? The reason is the dead rising is not because of some virus but our evolution.” You said as the duo eyes widen as they think you are crazy as they laughed.


With storms bullets coming out of the 9MP’s in the long hair man hand as you did not expect the long hair man will kill two of his own as soon you told them about the cells even if you did not say Death Cells but the long man on the other hand, shot his own as his eyes turned icy cold.

“How do you know? I think I should kill you off now. Or should I leave you? I mean after all you dying but since I am nice, I will just finish you off now.”

You see, the long hair man knew about the Death Cells so even they know about it they keeping it a secret? You think they might cover up the truth and put lies of other races made the virus which is false, but Roy knows this will help him to build his own empire of racist. If this man reaches outside of Liverpool, after all, Roy is adding oil to the fire with this lie but if people know about the Death Cells that will put out the fire Roy started.

You think of that you smile as the long hair man with his handsome look at you pointing his MP9’s at you. But he is only a human as you went up and zoom with your 5 times greater speed of a human is and grab his neck.