DE – 26

Since then a good hour or so went past when you found yourself at 100s of hordes, seeing the hordes heading the other way on the road, you hide behind some tree, knowing you cannot kill that many even with weapons alone, you just kept looking at them as their numbers do not seem to be ending, as you just hid in the forest waiting for them to past.

With a good hour or so, you finally see the end of the horde as the last lot of the zombies just about to leave your sight, you sighed seeing that many are not good for the soul, as you felt it is the end if one just find you.

Walking back to the road which you can still see the horde just aimlessly heading towards the warehouse is, you did not bother with them as it seems pointless messing with that many of them at once, you head off once more, or you were about to hearing something behind you.

Turning your head seeing a familiar zombie which the last time you meet one almost killed you seeing the 2m tall evolve zombie with it bald head and rip with muscles, dragging its seems to be very heavy body towards you.

Remembering the fact it has stopped a 9mm bullet with its hard skin it has, you did not let your guard down, knowing you can easily out ran this evolve type of zombie heading towards you.

But remembering the fact you lay on the floor that time hopeless, you looked at the 2m tall zombie, as it about to swing its hand to send you flying like that time, but you dodge its hand by shifting your body to the right before swing your own fist into its chest.

You hit the chest of the 2m zombie, as you will find it hard to use your full power if you aiming at its head since the difference between yours and its height.

Seeing your inhuman strength made the 2m tall zombie fall over leaving your fist marks on its hard skin, seeing you able to damage it, you felt great, not hopeless like that time, you send a kick which sends it flying like one of its kind did before to you, seeing the zombie flew out and hit a tree which the tree bent a little due to the force of the 2m tall zombie.

Seeing your strength and agility is far greater than the evolve zombie in front of you, you sighed thinking how weak you were, as evolve zombies are not really a treat to you anymore.

As you walked to the 2m tall zombie as you did, the 2m tall zombie with inhuman strength as you wonder who really the strongest among your strength and it’s, but without any weapon, you did not want to take it on anymore.

Seeing the 2m tall zombie coming towards you but with the differences of yours and its speed is far differently as you Just left it behind there with one fist marking on its chest, and deeper wound on its right side of the body due to your speed, as you just did not want to waste any more time here with the hard to kill zombie here.

Walking back on the road which leads to who knows where this road might leads but better than slaying here you thought while walking on the road.-

As good unknown time pass as you hear sounds of something clashed in the forest, as you stop and stood there looking at the forest with sounds of clashing and roars within the forest as you just walk to one of the trees to hide there as you went to another tree carefully not trying to be seen as you trying to find the source of the loud sounds within the forest.

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