DE – 25

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

You: “Arr!”

You shouted as you cut the back your finger to see if what you really saw that wasn’t just in your head since the cut unlike the time you smashed the zombie skull bare handed then, you cut the back of your middle finger just a little on used can form the baked beans.

Seeing the blood from the back of your middle finger drops to the ground, you see your middle finger healing the cut, as if the cut just seal itself and healed, seeing this, your eyes widen, see do not only have inhuman agility and strength, but also your regeneration speed is on a different level as well.

But thinking about it, a cut will take least 2 or 3 weeks if your body is about five times faster than before, and you have no idea what the difference between you strength before this happening or afterwards, but you know healing a cut which takes a least few weeks should not be recovered just 2 or so seconds.

Just looking at you finger which has been cut not long ago, thinking to yourself what is going on. If there anything else about you, you do not know? As you think of that, as you soon afterwards fall to sleep yourself.

Waking up as the sunlight enters your eyes, as you rub your eyes trying not to fall back to sleep, you took a can of fruit to eat as you ate that and looked at the windows seeing two zombies wondering on the road that did not notice you just dragging their bodies along, you watch them leave your sight.

Yawning as soon you see them left, you stood up and stretch out your arms. Feeling your face, as you notice you have not shaved for a while.

With nothing to shave with you just pick up the backpack from the ground, as you did you looked at the brown bag for second until you hear something banging on the window.

With the sound of glass being hit on, you find yourself looking at one of the zombies trying to go in, as you thought the two just gone not long ago is the only ones around here.

Seeing it is banging on the glass window of the gas station, you look if they anything you can use as a weapon, but nothing, seeing you have no weapon and there is a zombie just blocking the way out.

Looking at the rip off flesh jaws of the zombie groaning at you, you sighed, thinking what to do, even if your body is different but what will happen if you got bitten? And you not willing to take the risk to find out as well.

Unlocking the door but not opening the door, you went to the other side of the door walking long side the zombie following you form the window, as you plan to move the zombie away form the door by making it following you on the other side of the glass.

Seeing your plan working and it is away form the door, you ran to the door at that moment, as you open the door which leads to the gasoline pumps.

You ran out of the store as you did the zombie drag it’s heavy body to chase after you.

Seeing the zombie fellow suit, you just looked at it before heading off back on the road as you did, you run for awhile until you are a fair amount of distance away for it, as you carry on walking down on this road which you do not know where it leads or where to.


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