DE – 24

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

After leaving the warehouse which happens to take you on the road, as you follow the road, wishing it will take you least anywhere you might find people who happen to know of your brother or where he is.

Walking down the road which you have no idea what the name of the road called or where it is located, but you just walk onwards with no goal where to go now, should you go home? But there no point going there as you doubt your brother will be there or anyone there.

Taking a slip of one of the two water bottles you have, when your throat feels dry, looking at the bottle before putting in back in the backpack and carry on walking on the road.

After a while you find a gas station, you went there hoping to see if anything is within there, with gas pumps outside with no cars or any kind of vehicles can be seen outside, the place seems dead, as you walked to the place as you did you notice one of the pumps leaking out slowly form one of the pumps as you smell the gasoline from the pump and ground, as you think most likely that pump no longer has any more gasoline left in there.

Looking outside of the station, nothing seems to be of use, as you enter the station soon afterwards, as you did you find the place empty, as people already took what they can find here, which means to you their people nearby or near enough.

Looking around the place with nothing just you here as you looked at the back seeing if the people once worked in this place may have something in their employee only area.

Seeing the staff room also has nothing in there, you sat on a chair in the staff room looking at window seeing the night soon near you, you went to the door and lock it with a key you find nearby, seeing nothing is of use to you and night is not long to you, you decided to rest and sleep at the gas station tonight as you took out a can of baked beans, and used the tin opener to open the can before eating the bake beans raw.

You: “I wish I can cook this, well it has to do.”

You said to yourself, wishing to have some way to cook these baked beans, you ate the can soon after that, looking at outside is now dark, as you can barely see what is outside, you just lay on the floor since the staff room only has chairs, which you try to sleep on the cold floor which only feels cold.

Thinking what has happen today and before going to sleep for a long time for being shot in the heart by Noah, you know you should not lived that nor your body which does not seems to be your own, with inhuman strength and agility, you felt if this body of yours is not the one you know of any more, or what else is hiding within your body you wonder.

Staring at your hand as you think about that time you smashed that zombie skull which did cut you but seeing nothing was thereafter wrapping off the blood.

If it wasn’t the blood which did come out or the pain you felt when the back of your hand being cut opened, you never believed you heal so fast just in a moment.

Looking at the can of baked beans you ate, you hold onto the can thinking of something very idiotical, as you place the back of your finger of your left-hand middle finger, as you, cut the back of the middle finger onto the can which be sharp open areas.

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