DE – 22

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

As you got some clue where you are, but you do not remember any warehouse with a forest even surrounded or next to one.

Knowing that you walked once more down the path of the hallway as you did you soon met another zombie but seeing the thing did not notice you, you left it alone and carried on walking until you find the staircase which leads downwards as you think you on the top floor.

Walking down the staircase, you soon find a dead body with a hole in his head which seems like he killed himself before turning or they got to him.

Seeing his ribs and ripped of flesh which the blood is old and dried, you looked at the skeleton which reminds you of next door seeing the blooded Skeleton which seems more fresher than this one on the floor you nod to whoever this may be to pay respect to the dead.

As you carry on your walk down the hallway, soon you find yourself at some room which you went in seeing what is on the table.

You see the body on the table, as you know who this is, seeing his hands cut off his body and multiple knives onto his body you remember him with Kaleb,

One of his friends the one only alive or should be seeing the knives and his hands for some reason not on his body you walked backward leaving the room as this frighten you seeing the hopeless man face as you can tell from his face he did not die quickly but very slowly.

You felt sick seeing this as you know it wasn’t the act of the zombies but humans as you remember what your brother wrote to you, as other are opening to their dark side as you did expected some dark and truly terrifying screens but seeing this can of action personally you felt afraid seeing the body.

You: “How can someone do something like this?”

You said even no one is around you just said it as you shut the door which leads to the room.

Even if he were one of them killing the survivors and you agree he has to dead what he has done with Kaleb and his friends but seeing his body like that you felt sorry for him dying like that.

Breathing heavily as you stay there for awhile until you hear them coming this way looking at your left seeing the horde of them as you cannot tell how many there are.

Seeing the horde you took a deep breath before heading the other way as them as you started to run down the hallway as you see even your speed is different as you ran with ease heading away from them with only half of your speed which is 2.5 times greater than the average human is, if any seen yours half ass speed they will not notice since you running so fast if you were a professorial.

Seeing you pasting the hallway very fast you slow down a bit as you stop seeing the door which is open as you can see the sunlight coming in the room.

This door leads outside as you walked to the door knowing that as you walk onwards as you did you hear something behind you as you did you turn around seeing three zombies with thin body with long nails and fangs for teeth, as you seen them before, the first time at the park which is dead and the one you left your brother to fight.

Seeing the three evolve zombies as they move slowly waiting for the chance to leap at you seeing this you breathe heavily remember how those things can easily kill humans like they nothing.

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