DE – 21

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

Still in shock that the body you have now does not feel like the one you known, it like if it’s someone else body, seeing the ripped off arms of the armless zombies still heading to you even without their arms they still trying to get you.

With their movement wake you from your shock seeing the two armless zombies and the one who been sent flying drags it heavy like lead body towards you as you took a deep breath before they about to reach you.

Dodging the hands of the zombie that been sent flying not long ago as you see it’s movement seems to be slower or is you that just faster?

You cannot tell what is going on your body but you know if you do not get out of the way, you be killed even if your body is different then before it still useless if one does not know how to use their body properly.

Seeing the two armless zombies figure out they can still attack if they try to bite you only as they try to take a bite out of you while you see this and kick one of them in the chest as it flew faster and farther when pushing them since the power of the leg is 3 times stronger than your arms.

Seeing the zombie zoom away from you also threw your fist at the one with still arms since it’s about to take a bite out of you as your fist impact into the skull of the zombie which break like if it were a watermelon as it’s head smashed part.

Seeing you completely smashed the head with your fist, you felt shocked of fear to form your own strength soon afterwards you slap out of it hearing the remaining one goans at you before trying to take a bite out of you again.

You step to the side dodging the mouth of the zombie as you also killed it at that moment by punching at its head.

As you did a piece of bone fragment of the skull, you smashed cut your hand as it did, you felt the pain as you back your hand out quickly hold onto your hand where it bleeds.

You: “Do not tell me I am going to turn as one of them?”

You panic seeing the blood, and the feel of the cut you felt as you warp off the blood on your hand as you did your eyes widen seeing nothing is there not even a cut, just the blood stains on your skin.

You step backwards hitting you back on the wall while looking at the back of your hand not understanding why has already healed, your heart beat fast as you looked at your hands which has some traces of your blood on them.

You feel like if something not right after all ever since you had recovered from the cold or whatever you had made you go through a lot, like going through a horror show now it feels like… you do not know.

You looked at the hallway you in just looking around trying to see where are you but just walls of gray which is the colour of the wall in the hallway you in, looking at the window which is the only source of light in this hall you walked there as you did your eyes widen seeing what outside not one, two or ten zombies, you looked at the sea of zombies outside the window which all just wonder around the building as you looked around through the window.

Seems like you in a warehouse or something similar those lines.

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