DE – 20

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

Reading the letter that your brother left here as he called you evolve human which you do not get or the fact Death Era? Are they calling this era? Lawless, you think about Kaleb which seems to not care about the law at all to the point he was killing the survivors just because they told him he can’t has his way or it seems like it were the case to you.

Thinking about this lawless world where anyone opens up about their desires you thought about it this Death Era truly a dangerous time of age when zombies attacking the living and the living doing as they please with no one stopping them, no law or government to keep order.

Reading the last parts of the latter just telling you to keep on living no matter what.

Puting the latter away you carry the backpack looking at the only door you did not check which is the only door on the wall other than the room you came from with the two other bedrooms.

Trying to open the door which is lock as you unlock the door with the key from the desk you find as you unlock the door the first thing you see is the blood on the hallway floor as it seems somebody being dragged out of here, you looked at the blood before going to the other way which has no blood leading it path or you think as you turn to look at the other way you see blood as well.

In fact, this hallway is covered in blood and holes as if a fight happened here, thinking about it, they left you here with the door being lock and took everyone away from this building you in but where are you is a question you want to know.

How many months you been asleep and what is a evolve human is? You think as you walked in the hallway which the blood there and here make it seems you walking in hell.

You carry on walking until you see two of them, with parts of the flesh missing with grey eyes and worn out clothes with dirt and dust can be seen on them if they not dried in blood.

Seeing the two has noticed you, you walked back a step as you also see one of them behind you, with no weapon and blocking both your front and back not noticing it.

Seeing no way out for some reason you will feel the fear being backed into the corner like this, but you do not feel that as you watched every single movement of the zombies coming to you.

You felt nothing as you see they reach their arms out while they open their mouths, you have seen this before you usually will feel the fear within you, but you felt clam as you looked behind you to the one only by itself you went to it and push it out of the way.

Pan! The zombie you push away as it slammed against the wall you stare at the zombie with blank eyes you are shocked to see the zombie flew in the air just by pushing it out of the way seeing this you feel the other two about to grab you, as you wave your right arm to push back they arms trying to grab you as you did.

They arms chopped off with your own arm just trying to push them away from grabbing you took his arms off, you see this with eyes widen as you got no clue what is going on with your body as you see the zombie you sent flying got up and the two still trying to bite at you even with no arms on them that you took them off.

You: “Hahahaha, I am still dreaming right?”

You said with disbelieve seeing your inhuman strength done this to them.


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