DE – 19

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

You walked in the middle of this living room or resting room looking at the table that lays in the middle of the brown and blue sofas, you notice the bag on the floor as you see the backpack which colour is dark brown you pick it up.

Seeing the backpack seems light you doubt anything in the bag but once you open it cans of food and note is in there which made you surprised to see something heavy in the bag since the number of cans in the backpack is not something you lay off as light.

But for some reason, you felt if the bag has nothing in so you hold one of the cans which seems weightless looking at the can meat tin as the weight is in the 100s of grams which in your hand does not feel that much.

Wondering if they anything in the can you search the backpack as you find a tin opener as you used it on the can. With the can opener on the can of meat opening the can which seems easy to open the can, you small the meat seeing there really meat in the weightless can you look back to backpack if anything to eat this can with as you find a fork.

Thrusting the fork into the can of meat which you did not read what kind of meat it is as you did you eat the meat which had weird taste as you cannot tell what the taste of meat it is but you did not care as you ate the can of meat.

Sitting on the blue sofa, you hold the note in the bag as read it.

Note [If you reading this we had no choice to leave you here, when me and Rick you know the guy that let you in, we found you on the ground as we see that brat Kaleb being eaten by them  and his friend which I pointed my gun at his fucking head, when you came to you we find Chad dead which the barely alive Henry told us later when he recovered what happened.]

Reading the first bit of the note or more like a latter than a note, you sighed seeing Henry is alive as you wonder who no one here?

[After that seeing you with a bullet in your heart that other brat Noah told us you alive and you will not turn in them but into something about a evolved human or something I don’t really care about that, well due to that the survivors did not like the fact someone is sleeping who died as they tried to kill you more than once while you in your sleep as they seem to think you will turn as one, but you mine little brother and it mine job if you do turn to cap ya ass]

You laugh a little seeing your brother handwriting and telling he will cap ya ass the only policeman will say that you know of is your brother who personality matches a thug than a policeman.

[Well I left you find amount of food about 7 cans of meat, and 14 cans of baked beans 5 cans of fruit and 2 bottles of water which are 2L each well I hope we see you again, but now it your path, listen I wrote this note 1 month ago and that Noah expected you to be up with the next few months a lot as change keep mine advice the dead, or those evolve animals that seem to attack us even if we do not want to.

Human is the most dangerous enemy (Y/N) a world with no law is where many open to their dark side this is a warning this age that we calling Death Era is a lawless and inhumane world. If you wanted to survive in this new world do whatever is need to survive no matter what it is, that what kind of world we live in]

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