DE – 18

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

Tape#2 [Within the 2 weeks I had waited for the results which were I expected I have travel to Africa to see if the cells also exist there and the results they do even Japan which was the next place I travel also exist in the dead those cells.

Than I let mine butler Dai Da handle other places around the world at this far, 70% of the world has been reached and anyone of those bodies we check all have those cells and they showing no signs of shopping increasing, form the 70% we check of the world without a doubt there no need to check the rest, those cells exist in any dead body in the world.

End of recording at 25/02/20XX]

Hearing this you find not just England has zombies in them you looked at the next tape while taking out the 2nd tape and entering the 3rd one in there.

Tape#3 [The rapid speed of the cells I name Death Cell which is what I call them since they only active once the host is dead, their speed has dropped for some reason, I try to discover the cause and found that the cells aka Death Cells have reached to most of the dead body but why? They started from the brain as they reach out to other parts of the body.

Other than the drop down speed of the Death Cells I find not just humans have odd cells the other day I had a call from someone I know who been studying the cells that been found in animals as they sent their sample of the cells and I also sent a sample of Death Cell to them.

And after scanning the two I find both of them are 90% similar to each other but the difference between them is one in humans only active if the host is dead and for the one find in animals only active if they alive, after scanning them it like the one who studies this before me says it like a new evolution is coming for us and what will this bring to us as the human race and them the animal kingdom?]

Hearing this tape the Death Cell and the one found in animals made you feel fear thinking if the animals also evolving as zombies or own their own, does that mean they more dangerous than the zombies themselves?

Looking at the third tape which did not end with a date but the 1st and the 2nd one are from the same year as this one, you understood there more meet the eye what is happening to the world, you decided not to listen to the 4th tape instead looked around the desk for anything else since you feel hungry.

You looked through the desk nothing can find other then a key which you do not know what this key does, as you put it in your pocket which when you notice you have different clothes on than before as you are too focus where you are that you just notice, the grey hoodie and bottoms as someone change your clothes.

You find anything weird as you looked around the room once more nothing. As you looked at the door the only door in the room as you went to the door and open it as you did.

You find yourself in a room more vast than the one you in before with sofas and table in the middle of them looks like a living room or resting room as you notice besides the door which leads to the room you were in there two others rooms which have a desk and bed as well which all three of them at the back of bigger room.

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