DE – 17

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

With every single thing about you felt burning to the point it felt if you were cooking, but suddenly it felt cold as ice and back hot as you wanting to scream out those pain out loud, but you felt lost and trap cannot move not in your body just waiting to wake up from the hellish pains you keep feeling hoping this nightmare to end.

With your heavy eyelids open as your body feel heavy as you got up from where you lying, looking around the place just the bed you been sleeping on as you looked at the desk next to the bed of this dull grey room you in no windows just a door other there.

Your head hurts like if you have a hangover when you suddenly remember Noah and his Butler came when you on the road as he shot you and told you to evolve? You do not understand what he meant checking your chest where Noah shot that P250 pistol at.

Nothing there your eyes widen, as you began to think it was a dream, all of it but that does not explain where are you. You sighed as you know this reality is real and zombies that can evolve you think the 2m tall one with its thick skin is one of those evolve types and the fact the policeman said when that one can run really fast wasn’t their first time seeing it.

You: “Does not mean there more of them out there?”

You said as you looked at the desk with a tape recorder with few tapes, you walked to there and hold the device seeing the tapes are numbered you play the first one.

Tape#1 [From today onwards I took over this study, from the records from the one who researched this before me had found a new set of cells in the human body this person call it new evolution but same time very sinister since those cells only active once the body of a human is dead, why will they active when the person died? That I am researching this, why are we evolving to have those cells to active after our death or is it just the progress of us as humans still in the middle of evolving]

Hearing the voice that belong to Noah speaking about some cell in the human body only active once if someone died like it related to those zombies, you might hate the fact Noah shot you but why are you still alive? And why did he told you to evolve for? Looking at the tapes knowing they’re the only clue for you right now to know what really going on.

So you carry on listening to the tapes.

Tape#1 [Looking at the bodies that die 10 years ago the records say they been discovery of finding the cells in them as well even if they not that many of the cells unlike now, I am expected to find twice the amount of cells in the next two weeks but why are those cells increasing faster when 10 years ago?

Well, who knows why it is mine job as Noah Richardson to find out. The date is 01/02/20XX end of recording]

Hearing tape one is done you look at tape#2 and taking out the tape#1 and putting in the second tape as you hear more.

Tape#2 [It been 2 weeks since when, and like I expect the cells really increase the twice amount, but why does they or more like what are the purpose of those cells? Nothing else can be found, other when they rapidly increasing in our body what will be the end result?]

You hear that, and you know what is the end result, as you keep on listening onto the tapes.


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