DE – 16

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

Looking up at the man with no hair gray eyes, tall about 2m ripped with muscles, looking at this giant make you feel small as you about average in height but this baldie clearly on a different level, as you see it’s bloody hands as you see it one of the zombies, as you fire off the Glock 26 at its forehead.

Seeing the bullet of the Glock suck into the 2m tall zombie forehead make you feel fear seeing the Glock 26 is useless as you stood there as it swings its fist at you.

You: “Ack!”

Blood spilt out of your mouth before you are send flying 3m away as your body impact on the ground as you feel the pain of your ribs where it has hit form and the taste of iron in your mouth, your body feels heavy as you try to get up seeing your old friend with many holes in him, you curse at yourself seeing your friend dead.

As Kaleb and his friend see you flying, they looked at the 2m zombie moving its body as if it heavy itself.

Kaleb: “What is that, a zombie? There a bullet suck into its forehead?

Seeing the zombie with a bullet stopped at its forehead. Kaleb looked at you as your eyes started to blur as you hit your head when the 2m zombie sent you flying.

Trying to get up but the impact made everything over your body feel heavy and hurt as well looking at Henry body you try to point the Glock 26 but notice it not in your right hand anymore as the hit also made you lose the Glock 26 while flying in the air for few meters.

Seeing you like that Kaleb laughs his guts out at you seeing you like that as his friend keep looking at the 2m zombie with fear attach to his heart not daring to interfere with the 2m tall zombie that moves as slow like any other zombie but far different with it’s pure strength, and it’s hardness of it skin.

Seeing Henry body, you reach your heavy as lead hand to your out to get the M-9 Bayonet taking it from the leather cover that was protecting the blade of the knife seeing the horde on your right and the 2m one at your left.

You wear a smile looking at the blade at this moment as Kaleb not once listen to his friend about the zombies coming closer as he raises his MP5’s at you bet suddenly due to the fact Kaleb wasn’t listening he saw his remaining friend ran for it as it confuses him as he wasn’t listening if he did he will notice the several zombies behind him.

Kaleb: “What? Huh, a hand? Wait a minute! Noooo! Argh! Stooop!”

Seeing one of them grab Kaleb left shoulder as he looked at the bloody mouth seeing the zombie jaw opened and taking a bite of his neck as he screams out of pain you see this you felt nothing seeing ex-survivors now zombies that Kaleb and his friend has killed now eating Kaleb alive.

Surrounded by zombies as you see them walking towards you felt no hope, just one day in the world of the dead you had walked into now it is the end, even you be eaten alive of cut your own throat to become one of them, be eaten or become one that what choice you had as they coming closer and closer towards you.

Bang! Bang! Went the gun in a man hand with an eye patch and lab coat down down the street with a butler next to him using those black GP100 revolvers shooting them horde like they used to shooting. As you felt safe until Noah pointed his P250 at you.

You: “…Why…?”

You said weakly looking at the barrel of the P250 pistol.

Noah: “We need you to evolve for the human race can survive this evolution, so rebirth for us (Y/N)”

Pan! Went the gun of the P250 as you felt something digging into your heart ripping into your flesh but it happen too sudden to yell out of pain as your mind went blank.

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