DE – 15

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

Seeing the bloody right shoulder Henry has, you looked at Kaleb wildly firing his MP5’s as his two remaining friends went to their fallen friend as they pointed they MP5’s at their dead friend face knowing he will turn if they do not put a bullet in his head.

Kaleb seeing his friend on the floor died he just stare at his body before taking out a Glock 17 pistol shot his dead friend head.

Seeing Kaleb looking away you did not waste this chance as you pointed the Glock 26 at him and fire off two shots before ducking back down for cover.

The two shots fire off from the Glock 26 pistol shot out of the barrel of the Glock 26 with two bangs which did ring in your ears due to the fact you not used to firing any kind of guns in your life.

The two bullets of the 9mm flew out, one of them miss Kaleb, but the other one did not as the bullet hit his back closer to his left shoulder where it hit.

Kaleb: “Aaarrrggghhh! You fucking dogs!”

Hit with rage Kaleb raise his MP5 submachine gun releasing barrages of 9mm bullets of the MP5 of his firing at the car you are behind keeping your head down until Kaleb fire the last shot in the MP5’s magazine.

Kaleb: “Haa… haha…”

Breathing heavily you hear that and with no sounds of any more gunfire but looking at the zombies that were survivors Kaleb and his friends had killed and turned them into zombies after being shot to death by Kaleb and his friends.

You: “Henry you okay?”

Henry: “For now… stopping the bleeding with mine hand is enough, but I got no clue how long I am going last, but I’ll be fine.”

Henry said with a bitter smile as you just meet up again after all of the years you been apart from your childhood friend Henry to see him like this you felt shocked and despair looking at the zombies will be here any moment and the fact Kaleb and his friends still hold the MP5’s at you while you and Henry hiding behind the cold steel of a shield known as a car with so many holes in it already.

Kaleb friend: “Bro let us go or we going to be surrounded.”

Kaleb friend: “That right! You are shot we need to-”

Seeing the two remaining friends of Kaleb, he turn around to them and said.

Kaleb: “I am not going until I kill this fucking doggie! And his friend!”

Peeking from the side of the car as you looked at the remaining three of them block your chance from fleeing with their MP5 submachine guns they holding and your Glock 27 in your hands as you stand no chance ahead on with those guns that can easily kill you and Henry both waiting behind the car is no go as well as the ex-survivors or zombies now matching towards you as their number not small.

Henry: “Leave me here…  I am losing too much blood to survive this, I will open fire as you. Only one thing Ace… please looked after mine sister for me.”

Henry said as he holds onto the P250 pistol with his bleed shoulder he has he took a deep breath before standing up from the car firing the P250 in his hands at Kaleb and his friend.

Pan! Went P250 as Kaleb did not expect to shot back this soon as he rolls to the ground as one of his friends had a new hole between his eyes as Kaleb remaining friend left open firing with his MP5’s as you ran out of the car not look back as you did someone block your view.

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