DE – 14

Note: If you just started to read DE (Deathrh Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

Noticing all that does not explain why there are tens of zombies waiting outside the station as you three seen them Chad pointed his P250 pistol at one of their heads.

With a bang! Form the P250 as the 9mm bullet made a hole between one of the zombie’s forehead, falling to the ground with the sounds of the P250 firing off the surrounded zombies stop what they doing as the only ones did not stop are the ones feasting on the living already stopped and looked at the three of you.

Moving their heavy bodies moving towards you, your heart beating rapidly watching them coming closer as you began to feel as if death is coming to you, at that moment a hand appear on your left shoulder which belongs to Henry.

Henry: “Let go! It is clear the station is over ran!”

Henry said, as you looked at him and you took a deep breath seeing there nothing can be done as Chad finished off 5 or so of them before heading towards where you and Henry heading.

Running down the street that leads the behind police station being followed by tens of zombies running up there you notice other survivors that are running where you heading at this moment.

Sounds of rapid firing are heard as 7 of the survivors got shot in the back as you and Chand, and Henry looked at your right at the back door of the police station stand four men you have seen before holding onto their MP5’s they somehow able to get their hands on them.

Chad: “What the meaning of this, Kaleb Hooper!?”

Seeing the mid 30s man looking at the four Kaleb and his friend holding onto MP5’s with a grin on their face seeing Chad and you they started to laugh before aiming their MP5 submachine guns at you and the rest as this moment your body move by itself and dodge the incoming rounds of the MP5’s by hiding behind a car but Chad wasn’t as lucky as he threw Henry at the other side of the blue vehicle where you are before getting multiple holes in his chest.

Chad: “Ack!”

Chad coughed out blood before threw the P250 pistol at Henry, as he lightly smiles, seeing the dying Chad your heart along with rest of your body frozen seeing Henry picking up the P250 and pointed at Chad’s head as he closes eyes.

Pan! Went the P250 as you got no clue were it to end his life before dying from the bullets from the MP5’s or what? Seeing the tears from Henry’s eyes before pointing the P250 towards the ground.

Henry: “That first time I had to kill a human even if it were to stop him from turning into one of them after him being dead.”

You did not understand what he meant until you see the 7 survivors ahead that been killed by Kaleb and his gang getting up from the ground dragging their bodies that seems to be heavy as lead and grey eyes you notice they had turned.

Not only one can turn from being bitten but also dying? You did not want to believe even death will lead to being one of them only being shot in the head really can stop one from being one of them.

Kaleb: “Hahahaha! See that! They turned one by one! Show them from telling me what to do! You damn dogs!”

Seeing the four laughing about their deaths you took out the Glock 26 form your jacket looking at them from the car as Henry took a deep breath before aiming the P250 that Chad once uses at them.

Henry: “You!”

Henry got up from the ground firing the P250 pistol that hit one of the four to death with holes in his chest and neck seeing that Kaleb the other three opened fire at Henry as you grab him onto the floor before the bullets could hit him, but one of the bullets did manage to hit his right shoulder.



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