DE – 13

Note: If you just started to read DE (Deathrh Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

Henry: “Ace!”

With the shouts of Henry, you slap out of it as today the day you recover from that cold thing keep happening as the dead are rising and a fact there is an entirely different kind of zombie you never saw.

You: “…Henry sorry for that let get out of here, nothing we can do…”

Feeling helpless as you know if one gets bitten they will also turn as well as the death of the survivor get up from the ground starting to drag their dead bodies.

At this moment three policemen with even MP5 or P250 in their hands firing at the newborn zombies and the fast zombie that seems to notice the three shooting at it.

Policeman: “Is that the same monsters killed them!?”

Policeman: “No, we killed that freak! This is a different one, we need more guys! This freak too fast!”

The police seem to be talking about the one you find at the park that had holes in their heads as if they were shot after being bitten.

With its ease movement, the fast zombie with claws dodge the bullets as one gets in but not only it’s speed that has changed, but also jumping power as well as it leaps onto one of the house nearby as it ran on the rooftops towards your way.

Not willing to watch anymore you ran like your life depend on it, as you and Henry left the police as both of you just civilians, not police or anyone else just pair of young men in the modern world.

Henry: “What is that!?”

You: “Like I know! Some evolve zombie!?”

You both running not notice the five men group ahead. As the two before and your brother and the two policemen the one from the police station and the one were guarding the bus previously.

Mark: “Yo (Y/N)”

You: “Brother?”

You are a bit of surprise to see your brother here with four others.

Noah: “Da, there is a evolve one.”

Noah said as he sees the running zombie on the rooftops that jump down and killed one of the policemen that were firing at it.

Mark: “Huh? You shitting me!? Chad takes (Y/N) to the police station and guards the place, and Rick let kill another one of those fuckers!”

Your brother notices the zombie, seems like he is the one that killed the one at the park.

The butler nodded after hearing his name Da which reminds you that a Chinese name that explains why he is so pale looking with his long black hair as he pulls out two revolvers of black colours as you do not know what it is called.

Rick: “That GP100’s? Why does he have them?”

Mark: “That not important right now it us and that fucker! Let kill it before any more of us is dead!”

Your brother says to the one with the G36 in his hands as he opens fire at this moment the other policeman from the station Chad pull you and Henry along towards the station.

Da: “Allow me to join your fight and Master I advice you not to stay so long for me it will be hard to protect you if you do.

Mark and Rick just looked at Da as you saw them shooting at the zombie that jumping from wall to wall on the street trying to dodge all of the butlers which at this moment you looked forward hoping he does not die.

Running to the station and facing such a monster you came to the white building that knows to be the station of this street, as you see zombies there and here.

Chad: “What the…? They shot in the heart?”

Noticing the zombies that at the door of the station not only they are survivors but also shot at their hearts as this make no sense but for Chad and Henry both seems to know what it meant, having to died in this era of death or the fact wy will there be zombies in this part of the street as the runner kind of zombie seems to be only one of them here.

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