DE – 12

Note: If you just started to read DE (Deathrh Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

Hearing Noah words both you and Mark is interested what this man called Noah Richardson, as you move closer to them as they fully notice you.

Mark: “(Y/N)?”

Seeing you here Mark is surprised, but easy recovery forms his shock.

Mark: “Good timing I was about to get you think it about time we talk what has happened the past 2 days when.”

When your brother said that not minding the two next to him the one with the eyepatch widen his remaining eye as he overheard your other brother.

Noah: “What did you say 2 days ago by any chance your brother?”

Looking at you with wide eyes he went towards you as this Noah character place his hands your shoulders as you feel you want to slap his hands off your shoulders but the butler sharps eyes you can feel on your neck.

You: “I caught cold few days ago why?”

Noah: “I know it! You one of them!”

Mark: “One of what? What you planning to do with mine little brother?”

As you can see your brother overprotection mode at this moment the butler butted in.

Butler: “I am sorry about mine Master actions, well came over here looking the one that has a signal on this”

The butler said as he pulls out a phone like a device that has a map displaying with yellow dots as you notice one of the dots is your and yours brother house.

Mark: “Can you explain to me what this is?”

Seeing how mad your brother is, the butler just smile as he expected for your brother to act this way, on the other hand, Noah left eye did not leave its sights of you as if he watching his prey.

Butler: “Why not leave the young man alone and explain to his guardian before this matter goes any worse it’s alone.”

You wanted to say he not mine guardian but seeing your brother like that as he looked at you and nodded at you as you knew your brother meant by that as he means for you to leave this matter to him.

You: “I going to find mine friend in here, see ya later.”

Noah: “Wait-”

As Noah was about to say something but he got stopped by his butler shake his head left and right. As Noah give up chasing after you as he and your brother as well the butler went somewhere to discuss something.

You walked down the road after finding out people are going around and giving some food to the people.

You had a pack of cheese and onion crisp and drink of juice in a carton as you eat the packet of crisp and taste the cheese and onion and the Orange juice from the carton drinking the carton until it all gone.

Henry: “Ace! There you are!”

Seeing the plain looking man with brown hair walking towards you, you also walked to him.

Henry: “Did you find your brother?”

You: “Yea, at this moment he is with two odd ones.”

Henry: “Odd ones huh? Why there were those duos-”

Unknown woman: “Help! Aaaggghhh!!”

You both hear that as you and Henry turn around and see a man with a hoodie thin body about 6m tall with long arms as this man hands have long nails like claws and for some reason sharp like fangs teeth reminds you the odd zombie at the park.

Crowd: “Arr make way!”

Crowd: “Why is there one here!? What are the police doing!?”

Seeing the crowd running as pushing each other as you see the side of humans do if they are faced with danger as they only care of themselves as you watch this very weird zombie, acting utterly different to the rest you seen as it ran like it wasn’t a zombie, but its blood coated mouth and hands with long nails like claws.

A zombie that speed even faster than an average human is. Only those can keep up with it can flee from its deaths grips.

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