DE – 11

Note: If you just started to read DE (Deathrh Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

After leaving the station you head down the street seeing people from right and left as you notice not many policemen in this street as you seen many survivors but only about 11 policemen, you think they might be more of them you haven’t seen yet like guarding like him with the G36 rifle on the bus that time and they seem to be patrolling around the street.

Seeing the big vehicles like bus, vans, anything that is bigger than the human height is sealing off the outside world in this street.

Policeman: “Another 10 survivors join us, by this rate our food supplies will go?”

As you overheard one of the two police one is a man and another is a woman.

Policewoman: “Not too loud! What if survivors panic we may have guns but they not that many after all these guns are meant in case of a terrorist attack.”

Policeman: “I know that it just I wonder can we really keep them all here our food is running low and thanks to the MP son acting like he owns the place he just waste all of the food and take what he wants if it wasn’t him and his friends they might be 3 or 4 days of food worth.”

You overheard that the local police taking all of the survivors are have problems with the food itself, thinking about it you had nothing to eat since before heading out this morning.

Thinking you should get some sort of food to eat, you wandered as you got no clue where to get it form as this moment you hear someone behind you, as you turn around and see your brother with two very odd people, as you and the nearby people stare at the two.

One is wearing a black suit with long black as ink hair as you can notice he is not from England with his more paler skin, he is wearing white gloves. His hair is long and ties at the back like a ponytail.

And his right as long hair that just goes past his shoulders he is wearing some black formal style clothes with a lab coat of sort, but it not the fact he is handsome like the butler next to him but the fact on his right eye is a black eye-patch.

You looked at the two as the first thing pop into your mind, ‘Cosplay?’ which you not the only one thinking this as the two talk to your older brother.

Mark: “So Mr…”

Noah: “Noah Richardson is mine name just called me Noah.”

Noah is the young man with the eyepatch, and the lab coat said.

Mark: “So Noah if I remember the Richardson family is powerful family right?”

Noah: “I do agree mine family has fair amount of power like I can kill someone and my family just paid off the police or the government”

What the hell is he saying you want to yell out but just hear them as they had not noticed you, but you are wrong as the eye of the long black hair butler notices you and nod as he turns his face to your brother and this Noah person.

Mark: “Telling a cop you can get away with murder ain’t you a bold one.”

Noah: “Even if I have that power to do so I chose not to since it bothersome dealing with the after match.”

Mark: “So why Mr all powerful background want with someone like me?”

Noah: “About five days ago they fall ill, but that wasn’t merely a cold.”

Noah said both your brother and your eyes widen hearing this man words.

Mark: “What you know about this?”

With a serious look, your brother looked at Noah as he has a grin on his face.


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