DE – 10

Note: If you just started to read DE (Deathrh Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!


With sounds of the door opening as a man with black as ink hair which style is messy and short haired as he seems to had to style his hair or he just not that bothered, he looks like in his late 20s, but his real age is 30 of age.

As soon you saw the man your heartfelt lighter seeing the man, your only family is not one of them you sighed.

Kaleb sees the man your brother, Mark who he is his almighty face became one with displease seeing your brother arrived.

Mark: “Bart you finally awake?”

Bart is what he has always called you he has cold personality but in reality, he just not that good showing his feelings.

You: “I am, I just awake today form the cold… a lot happen today.”

You said to your brother as Kaleb butts n.

Kaleb: “You dog! How dare you ignore me again!”

He said not to you but your brother as the guard policeman the one against the wall looked your brother as your brother also looked at him and just nod you brother.

Mark: “Look here Baldie I am busy with this guy from the Richardson family who just entered this camp, so I am off, (Y/N) find me later I will fill you in what happen the past 2 days you been out cold.”

Your brother said as he took out a cig from his chest pocket and lit the cig while walking out of the building as you see your brother is like the same cold person but just hides his feeling with his cold front.

Baleb: “So doggie here is the little brother of that damn dog that cannot even listen?”

Seems like Baleb took notice of you as you sighed as you knew this type of person will not stop like as he sees you as a way to get at your brother, as you scan your surroundings as the policeman who is guarding the room scratch out his arms while yawning.

Policeman: “Mr Hooper, I think Chief Inspector not willing to wait so long sir.”

The police who were guarding and turned his eyes away before but form the looks of finding out who you are Mark little brother he went to Kaleb and told him that as he looked him even his friends who been quiet all this time began to feel scared as you can tell from their pale faces.

Kaleb: “Hump! Fine. I see you later little doggie.”

Mocking you the policeman place his hand on your shoulder and shakes his head to the left and right as you know he meant not to act as he seems to notice you want to slap this Kaleb.

As Kaleb and his boys left the room at this moment someone else came in the very same policeman who were guarding the bus and the one let you in holding onto his G36 rifle.

Policeman: “Oh Sergeant.”

The one next to you said to the one coming into the room with his G36 in his hands as he looked at his friend and you with sharp eyes.

Sergeant: “You already did something?”

The one with the G36 or Sergeant which seems to be his rank in the police force said that as he thinks you had already done something just being here not long.

You: “I just here to see Mark he just left.”

You bitterly said, as your brother seems to be busy as he went somewhere else. ‘If he is gone I might as well find Henry’. You thought as you sighed and went out of the station as you see the sky about to darken.

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