DE – 9

Note: If you just started to read DE (Deathrh Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!


You looked at Henry and sighed as you understand if his sister does happen to be bitten by them as you also felt you do the same if you older brother happens to turn as one as well.

You: “That right, had you seen mine brother? He works at the police station on this street.”

You told Henry as he rubs his chin to think.

Henry: “I did think of this policeman did look familiar, well I did not know your brother is one of them. Have you check the station?”

You: “Not yet, I am on mine way to there.”

Henry: “We’ll meet later.”

Henry grins a little before you head off towards the police station, as you walked there and see the white building that is the Bethel Street Police Station walking there noticing the policemen are even armed with G36’s or Remington 870 shotguns, they even some that had a Baton instead of a firearm.

Looking at them and thinking about the Glock 26 and the M-9 Bayonet you have on yourself, your heart rate goes up thinking if the policemen may find out about them, as you took a deep breath before opening the door and entering the police station.

As soon you did you notice few others in the room you entered. Seeing two more police one armed with a P250 pistol standing guard in the middle watching you as you enter the room.

Within the room there chairs made of plastic at the farther end of the room is glass window with a hole in there as one policewoman sitting behind the glass. And two other doors at one at the left side of the room and another right side.

The policewoman has long brown hair that is tied up form the back, she has average looks and an earring in her right ear. As she is wearing a police uniform.

You walked to her as your heart is beating due to the two weapons you have on yourself making you feel uneasy being in the police station.

As you arrive at the woman behind the glass.

Policewoman: “May I help you?”

The policewoman or worker asked behind the glass that seems to be there to protect whoever may be inside there.

You: “I am looking for mine older brother, his name-”

Before you can say anything, the door pushed opened as four men came in as the same baldie from earlier walked in like he owns the place with his friends follow suit as they are heading where you are.

As both of the policeman and the policewoman looked at them as they did nothing as Kaleb Hooper walked in front of you and looked at you like trash.

You: “May I help you?”

You asked as honestly, you do not really like the guy but being a son of an MP seems like the people in this survival camp or something along those lines seems afraid of him as he boldly storms in the police station as if he owns the place.

Kaleb: “Me? Do you not know who this is?”

Kaleb Hooper said as you sighed as this gangster wannabe only using his father name to do as he like. The type of people you can’t stand. Seeing the policeman standing by the wall looked away if he does not want to get involved?

Kaleb: “See that? I am the one who rules this street, I the son of Gunnar Hooper MP of Norwich if you dare to not move from here can you face an MP?”

Treats using his own father name as you just looked at him and walked away from his path as you do not want to deal with him.

Kaleb: “What a good doggie!”

As Kaleb said that he and his friends laugh as you hold onto your right side of your jacket feeling the handle of the M-9 Bayonet, as this moment you slap out of it as a man walked out of the door.  

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