DE – 8

Note: If you just started to read DE (Deathrh Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

After walking around the place, you notice a man with short cut brown hair texting or something on his phone as you walked to him.

You: “Excuse me, can you tell me the time?”

You asked the man with short cut brown hair with average looking face and also blue as the sea eyes. He is wearing a hoodie with jeans and white shoes, he just a plain man you can find anywhere.

As the man who happens to be around the same age as you, he looked away from his phone and looked at you.

Plain man: “It 2pm… Ace is that you?”

You suddenly feel shocked to see this plain looking man know of your nickname you had back you were a kid, as you see the plain man as you remember a plain looking kid you and two others used to play with as you remember who this plain looking man is.

You: “Henry Hines?”

Henry: “That right, man I haven’t seen you since Derek went to America.”

Henry Hines is one of your four childhood friend you used to play with as Henry is 2 years older than you. You remember the plain looking kid Henry stopping you and this other kid called Derek.

You: “Yea, that right. That Derek just left like that without saying anything, and my brother and I move away from you guys.”

Henry: “Yea it been a hard time without you two.”

Henry smile very bitterly hearing that from him, you were about to asked Henry as a man with no hair with a jacket fellow by 3 others as they all plain looking, but the way the walking down the street if they own it.

Bald man: “Make way!”

The bald man says as the survivors back away if they life’s count on it, as the man with his friend laughs at the surrounding people as they walk past.

You looked at the man speechless as you barely see jerks like him, as you are used to people like that as you looked away and face Henry.

You: “Who is that?”

Henry: “His name is Kaleb Hooper, he is the son of Gunnar Hooper who is an MP he is a member of parliament, as he does as he like due to that.”

You, not kind of guy that takes interested in politics as you just looked at the baldie.

You: “A kind of person who abuses their parent’s title huh.”

Henry: “Ace! What if he hears you!?”

Seeing the fear in your old friend eyes, you began to think if there more to meet the eye with this Kaleb Hooper character as you took one last look and thought it might be for the best got in his way since you not good dealing with those types.

Henry: “Even so I will like if he sees many of the people already lost their families, and even some of them had to kill their loved ones, this nightmare that only exists in books or movies…”

Henry’s face looked at the surroundings as you also looked at you what he is looking at as many of the people on the street has dead fish eyes.

Henry: “I once heard from this old woman that she watch a young girl around the same age as us, she kill her little brother after he had turned, I have little sister you know?”

You nodded as you seen the little girl once before she is 2 years younger than you but you barely can remember she looked like since you and her barely talked much.

Henry: “Once she told me that I became afeared that she will… become one of them as I had to… you know.”

Henry said with a better smile as you know he meant can he really killed his sister after she turned, but it also the same with you, what will you do if your brother your only family also become one as well.

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