DE – 7

Note: If you just started to read DE (Deathrh Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

This zombie that is thinner and also has nails for claws you find odd and this uneasy feeling you get from it but something else is odd as you see not just the 10 zombies but 3 none zombies police, seems like their weapons were taken but they all have parts of their flesh even being cut or missing, but the oddest thing about those 3 policemen is the fact they all have holes in their heads.

You: “What happen here?”

You said as you took one last looked at the dead bodies with an unreal feeling in your heart before heading out once more.

Still, in Chapelfield Gardens you at the main road about to cross the road to Little Bethel St, but you hide behind a tree noticing the road is block by a bus. As if the bus is meant to block the zombies from entering the street, as a man with a G36 rifle in his hands, he is wearing all policeman clothes even the hat that policeman has he has on.

Policeman: “Who there?”

Seems like the policeman notice you as you slowly walked out from the back of the tree as he sees you while pointing the G36 at you.

You: “Do not shot! I am (Y/N)!”

Hearing your name the policeman’s eyes widen little as he seems to know your name.

Policeman: “You Mark little brother are you?”

You: “That right! Is he still here?”

You asked as you only came here to know if your brother is here and not as Mark is your brother name.

Hearing your name and asking about your own brother, the policeman low his rifle. As he is on top of the bus acting as a watchman.

Policeman: “He is! Are you any chance bitten?”

Anyone know if someone is bitten they will turn as one of them as you also think that as well since zombies shows, games and movies been out for a very long time as you also like those things as you know, it is common knowledge.

You: “I am not, if by any chance if I were I will turn like them?”

Policeman: “Aye, that is right, if you get bitten you do, to think we are now living in a world like this in tv shows or movies. Fine than wait for me to move this bus before letting you.”

The policeman said as he got down from the bus on the other side where you need to go in as soon you see him going to the diver sit as he moves the bus sightly enough to let one person in as you walk that gap after the policeman nodded at you allowed to go past.

As soon you walked past the bus the policeman put the bus back where it was. Seeing him going out of the bus as he sees the bloodied bat.

Policeman: “Looks like you did some in yourself, leave all weapons you had here, you are civilian leave all the fighting to us the police.”

You looked at the blood coated bat as it is ruin with its blood, you have a lot of memories with it, but you still give it to the policeman seeing that bat is now a tool that kills them not an object that once holds such memories.

Policeman: “Is that all?”

You: “That right.”

You lie and kept the Glock 26 and the M-9 Bayonet to yourself as you do not know what will be next, at least you are safe here you thought as you scan the surrounding of the buildings as they just house one side and other are back of some building, as you walked up seeing another policeman holding an MP5 submachine gun  in his hands, walking towards the other one with the G36 rifle.

Heading onto Bethel Street as you see people all in they own groups, as the number of them do not seem like a small number as well, crowds of people even are taking to each other, or they have dead soulless eyes just sitting there as if they lost someone to them.

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