DE – 6

Note: If you just started to read DE (Deathrh Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!


Upon seeing the woman being eaten alive, you ran across the road not even looking back once, feeling if death is just behind you, fear once more took control of your body as you ran and ran for your life, not knowing to do you soon arrive at Chapelfield Gardens, as you walked a bit until you rest your back at the tree you went to, leaning there as you looked at the sun in the sky.

You: “This is really right? It is not all a dream, right?”

Facing reality can sometimes be the hardest thing for a human being, as you face an unreal reality something only exist as fiction, tears began to fall on the ground as you notice you are crying, as your eyes widen.

Fear is dangerous only by overcoming fear one has to overcome it to become stronger as you feel the fear in your heart form remembering all that as some time past since you rest by the tree, with no phone to tell what time it is, you see the sun is still in the sky as you walked away from the tree.

As soon you walked away from the tree three zombies soon enter your sight, as you looked at them as they also looked at you before slowly coming over towards you as you looked at them with fear in your eyes you feel as you slowly walk backwards as they step over to you.

You: “Haa… haha… you… damn it!”

Knowing if you back way you never overcome this fear, a feeling you hate as you hold onto the bat, as you hold it with two hands and match off to the closest one of them.

With its hands reach out to grab you, you dodge the first hand and hit the second hand with your bat, as you did you raise the bat high before swung it down onto the zombie’s head.

With the sound of the bones being broken you looked at the next one as it about to take a bite you take a bite off you, you jump backwards and roll to the ground and stand.

Back in school, you were a sports type, who like to take part in any sports, you were that kind of a guy. But after leaving school and getting kick out of college due to a fight with another student like yourself made you jobless and ended up with living with your only family your older brother.

So fighting like this is nothing new, it just it been a long time you did any street fighting you once did.

Looking at the two remaining ones you walked few step back with the bat in your hands, as one of them yet again trying to grab you but you dodge those pale hands by stepping to the left and you once more swing that bat into the jaw upwards.

You looked at the last one, as you start to breath better than before as fear within is slowly started disappearing. You hold the bat tight as you once again swung the wooden bat at the zombie’s face, as the impact made the wooden bat crack a little.

Looking at the three now dead zombies, you took another short break before heading through this park, walking past the trees and such as you find about 10 or so zombies dead with holes in their heads.

You think this must be the work of local police since they will bring in guns if we all in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, stopping at one of their bodies you notice something odd about one of them, as you see unlike ones before this one has for some reason longer nails to the rest as they seem really sharp, the length is about 2,5 inches long as if they are meant to be claws.

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