DE – 5

Note: If you just started to read DE (Deathrh Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!


Looking at the blood stain bat in your hands and then the dead zombie with its face done in by the bat. You once more began to walk on the street passing the house of Vauxhall Street you soon stop looking at the five zombies.

With their blood or fresh missing there and here, as they growl at one of the houses on the street, seeing the five banging on the door, make you think if someone else is here who is no one of them, as you only can see the five at the house, two that haven’t seen you who happen to be far ahead of the street, and the 4 behind you who are chasing you by going past them.

The zombies are not fast types in the movies, or some evolve types in games they just slow and they seem to be at the same level of strength as a human is, but their speed, on the other hand, is the reason you could easily outrun them.

You looked at the five zombies and the 4 behind you, you can take on one on one but two on one you did not dare so, even so, the Glock 26 with the 30 rounds, you afeared if you shot more will come, after you seen many zombies movies that they attracted by the sounds.

After thinking for awhile you alone cannot save them, wasting the ammo of the Glock 26 is not a wise choice, so you decided not to help, but report this to the police station once you find your brother.

As you walked away from the house since you cannot stay any longer with the four still chasing you.

You: “I wonder if it is due to all the movies or games about them is the reason why I do not feel so bad… but”

You say to break out of reality as you see many zombies with flesh missing but you just can’t stop the feeling you had slept at the beginning of this zombie apocalypse has this might even be the 2nd or 3rd day of the apocalypse.

You looked at the sky, without your phone you cannot tell what time it is, nor you can contact anyone you know of, you the fact you feel out of place, with no phone to know if anyone you know is still alive or not.

At the end of Vauxhall Street is where you are at now, you about to cross the road to Chapelfield Gardens, a place you and your friends often go, since the place is an ideal place to waste time, which is also a good shortcut to Little Bethel Street, which is the also the shortcut to Bethel street that happens to have the police station is location.

Unknown: “Help me! Someone pleases!”

You hear cries of a woman voice as you turn around see some woman who is plain looking, with short blonde hair as your eyes met.

You: “Are you alright?”

You said as you suddenly became shocked to see a zombie hand from under the red car that she happen she is next to, as her face is full of hope but even if you did not expect a zombie to be under car or why will there be a zombie under the car, as it grabs the woman ankle.

The Woman: “Ar!? Let go! I said let go! Help me! Please!”

Seeing the short-haired woman cannot get free, you went to her, but as you did, the zombie from under the car took a bite at her ankle.

The Woman: “Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!”

The woman scream in pain as you see the flesh of her ankle being ripped off see the blood leak out from her ankle like that you felt fear, as your face went pale as you cannot hear the ones of the woman as you slowly took few steps back as two zombies came from behind the woman.

Seems like the ones that were chasing her to be here, as the two also took bites into the woman, neck, arm. As the three zombies feast upon the woman with their blood coated moths as your eyes wides open, as you feel as cold as ice looking at the screen of someone being eaten before your eyes.

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