DE – 4

Note: If you just started to read DE (Deathrh Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

Upon arriving downstairs, you took one last looked at your family picture, looking at your father with his beard and colourful t-shirt he has on, with his ash brown hair. And your mother with her dress holding onto your hand in the picture.

With her black as ink hair which is the same with your brother hair colour as well. You looked at her smile, you always felt safe while looking at her smile, you took a deep breath before going to the front door as you try to open the door which is lock and you looked at the bow you keep them but remember you already been out as you, you took the keys out of your back pocket.

You: “What I am doing?”

Feeling like an idiot that you did not notice your keys in your back pockets, you unlocked the door and leave the house while locking the door before heading out.

Heading down the street you know you need to go local police station which is Bethel Street Police Station in Norwich as you and your bother live in the areas of Norwich since your brother workplace is not far away about half an hour on foot so you head towards the place called Chapelfield gardens and from there you can head to Little Bethel Street and to Bethel Street.

Heading down the walking path with a baseball bat in your right hand while the main part of the bat his resting on your shoulder, with your hood, up walking down the street that soon is Rupert street after while, you find it strange that you did not get past any zombies on this pointed but as soon you about to enter Vauxhall Street.

You see a crowd of people no zombies about 20 of them as you all this number of them you felt fear if it one and one you may feel less fear facing not one but 20 odd? You see them wandering in the metal fencing that people used to play even football, or basketball is played in the metal fencing in Jenny Lind Park.

Looking at the park that used to be a place you once go often with your friends, noticing the cars on the road you careful used them to hide yourself behind them as you carefully move to one car to another.

You breathe heavily looked at the crowd of zombies not to notice you, you felt scared doing that, as you carry on walking until you see one of them walking towards you.

Unlike the 20 odd ones in Jenny Lind Park, in front of you is just one as you took a long breath before placing two of your hands onto the baseball bat and walked towards the zombie.

With it fresh been eaten there and here, you looked at it as you still remember what you feel at the side of your neighbour house, in order to live you decided you will kill it like the one in the neighbour garden.

With a growl that came for its mouth, you ran towards it raising yours bat in mid-air before swung the bat into its face, with the impact of the baseball bat smash the zombie face breaking the jaw of the zombie.

You aim again at the zombie’s face this time you swing the bat that smashed into the face as the zombie soon falls to the ground dead.

You: “Haa… Haa.”

You took a breather seeing no one else here other than you to rest for 5 minutes to rest before you carry on your walk on Vauxhall Street.

You looked at the houses of the people and notice all of them are empty, as you see few cars still here and not single soul other than you here, you looked around the street.

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