DE – 3

Note: If you reading this I advise you to read DE – 2 before this one since this is part 3 of Death Era or DE. Thank you for reading and enjoy the story.

Telling yourself that you looked at the fence gate that zombie is trying to break the fence you feel the cold steel form the fork, looking at the blood stains on the spikes on the fork as you felt sorry of using your neighbour gardening fork to kill a zombie with it.

Instead of going back to the gate where the male zombie is at, you looked at the fence wall to your side the wall that leads to your own garden of your home as you walked to the fence and pulled your weight over the fencing wall.

You push yourself over the fence to your yard as you landed on the grass of your yard, your backyard is nothing special since you not interest in gardening and your brother only cuts the yawn and nothing else, so the yawn is just grass and the shed at the back of the garden.

Walking to your back door, you went to the flower pot and lifted it and saw the key that always been a backup in case you been locked out as you pick up the key and unlock the back door.

Entering the kitchen which is where the back door is at you waked to the living room and sat down with your hands on your face, thinking what to do, you usually will stay in the house and wait for help from the police but since you are worried about your brother who is an Authorised Firearms Officers of the British police force.

You: “If I remember did brother say about a Glock 26 he has bought?”

You remember about the fact your brother has a license to carry arms and he has bought a Glock 26 one time as you looked at the stairs case, so you got up from your sit and went upstairs to your brother room.

A desk with a PC on, a bed with the covers are at a mess, and the floor has few clothes there and here as you walked to the bed and went under the bed and taking out a black box.

You: “Padlock huh, if I am him it will be that”

You saw padlock with three numbers to unlock the lock, you think it is the date of your birthday since you were 10 when father and mother past away as your older brother is the one took care of you when he is 20 himself, 10 years past since than as you only have this brother who should have kids by now.

The lock-unlock as you see the Glock 26 pistol, that holds 10 9mm bullets in their, with three clips or 30 rounds is in there.

And in the other back shock you more than you did not expect this to be in there, the black as night blade with the same colour handle, the blade is longer you expect from a knife, the M-9 Bayonet it is a knife you commonly will not see in this county.

You: “Why do you have something like this?”

You said as you did not expect such a knife to be in there, while hand on the cold steel of the M-9 Bayonet you looked at the sharp blade before putting it in the leather holder, you put the Glock 26 in your hands and the knife on with the straps than the gun holster as you put on a jacket to hide them.

With the Glock on your right side of your body and the M-9 Bayonet on your other side, you head to your own room, as you looked in your room for anything useful as you see you old baseball bat you used to play ball with your friends at school, as you see it and hold the hardwood bat in your hands, as you look at the marks you and your friends did to it, full with memories.

You nodded your head with a smile and headed back down stairs.

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