DE – 2

Note: If you reading this I advise you to read DE – 1 before this one since this is part two of Death Era or DE. Thank you for reading and enjoy the story.

You turn around and see a man slowly walking to you as you about to say something to him until you notice the man neck that has bite deep bite mark that is dried in blood even the white vest is dried red.

The man skin is white as snow, and his eyes are grey as the dead when you see this, you remember all of the zombie’s films you watched as the man with the neck bite mark move towards you closer and closer as your heart beat faster each step he takes.

You: “Stay away!”

Fear took control as you only human to feel fear from the terrifying being in front of you as you got up from the ground and move backwards.

You: “Haa Haa…”

You began to breath heavy as you too scared to think properly as the man moves his two arms as to try to grab you with his mouth open wide making ‘Grrr…’ sounds from his mouth.

You looked around yourself notice the fence is open as you ran to the opened fence and forcibly shut the gate and lock the gate as you took a breather as you see the man cannot open the gate just hit the metal bars making sounds of metal being hit.

You walked back thinking what next as you are trapped like a dog in your neighbour back garden. But when you thought you were safe you hear footstep from the flower bed as a woman with rip off side of the mouth stood there, as you, and it stares at each other before it began to move towards you.

You: “Are you fucking kidding me!?”

Noticing the danger of death is not yet gone as you ran to the back of the garden knowing your neighbour likes to garden as she has tools which you thought you can use as a weapon.

As you make it to the shed as you see the lock on the door. You hit the shed door as you see your neighbour yet again forget to put away her gardening fork against the shed wall.

Picking the cold weapon known as a gardening fork and pointed the four-pointed spikes at the female slowly moving towards you, with her mouth open growling like a beast.

Feeling the cold steel of the fork pointed it like a spear towards the incoming female with the rip side of the mouth coming towards you.

Both fear to form the woman and the fact you had to kill it if she just sick like the man at the gate you think but facing the reality of life and death.

You looked at the woman who is 3m away from you.

You: “You are dead, that right this is self-defence!! Ahh!!”

You roar with the will of stepping forwards as you hold the cold steel of the fork and thrust the spikes of the gardening fork into the eyes of the female as you hear the sounds of the four spikes thrusting into the eyes and face of the female head as the spikes pop out back of the head.

Pulling out the fork you fall onto the ground again on your knees, if this person is sick you just killed someone but if it is one of the so-called zombies from horror movies than is it okay? You think as your mind is a mess as you rest for few minutes.

After the rest you hold on the fork looking at the gate with the growling of the man no zombie, you force yourself to think these are zombies like in the movies or books you read, it okay to kill them since they are already dead you told yourself to keep your sanity.

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