DE – 1

For days you suffer from a cold which you faint because of it, as days went past you felt if you going to die due to the painful cold hurting every part of your body.

Opening your eyes that seems not be open for a very long time as you looked around, you find yourself alone in the room where no one is around other than you.

With a yawn, you pull out your arms to scratch them out, while still in you nightwear you left your warm covers and bed to the wardrobe to pick out your clothes as you put just plain clothes you wear every day unless going out or some event when you will dress nice, but you felt their no need.

After getting dress, you went out of your room and head to the downstairs to see if your older brother is there or not, since you been bedded for a while your brother took care of everything, but you seem to be sleeping for 30 hours, so you felt hungry.

When you went downstairs you find yourselves still alone in the house, as you think since your older brother works as a policeman, he must have work. But you find it weird you slept 30 hours without your brother waking you since you know your brother is the type will not let you sleep for that long.

Looking at the picture of your mother and father that happen to be on the side when walking past to the kitchen, you remember the times when your father used to shout at you for being late for school, and your mother also cooks the best meals to die for.

You: “Mother, father this worthless child of yours has recovered I will find myself a job so will not be a burden to mine brother, please rest in peace.”

You said and smile as you vow to them, and head to the kitchen. Upon arriving at the kitchen you find the sink full of pots, you know your older brother always busy even finding his hardest to find time to take care of you.

You: “Brother you left quite a bit.”

You smile and clean them up after eating the meal that your brother already made ready for you.

With nothing else to do, you decided to watch some tv, but for some reason, most of the channels are not working which made you worried, even the radio has nothing on, as you try to find your phone but remember leaving it at the repair shop.

You: “That right, well I got no clue what going on, but might as well go to Ben’s.”

Ben is your friend from school as he is now working at the local phone shop in the village, as you head to the hallway and put on your white shoes.

After putting on the white shoes, you unlock the door with your key’s you keep in a bow near the front door, as you open the door letting in the bright light walking out and lock the door after you.

Walking on your path to the street path as you about to cross the road as you notice the blood on the street as it stains the path of blood to the next door house, as you see this your heart beat faster as you stood there about few minute mastering the will inside to see if your neighbour is okay.

Going down the path of blood that leads to the side of the next door house you see a body, no more like a bloodied skeleton with barely any fresh on whoever this may be.

Seeing this you hold your mouth feeling some nasty coming up your throat but too late as you cannot hold it in as you threw out your meal you had not soo long ago, seeing the bloodied corpse you fall on your knees.

With your eyes widen you do not know to do, fear froze your body as if all movement is controlled by this fear you feeling. And then suddenly you break free hearing the sound from behind you.

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