DE – 26

Since then a good hour or so went past when you found yourself at 100s of hordes, seeing the hordes heading the other way on the road, you hide behind some tree, knowing you cannot kill that many even with weapons alone, you just kept looking at them as their numbers do not seem to be ending, as you just hid in the forest waiting for them to past.

With a good hour or so, you finally see the end of the horde as the last lot of the zombies just about to leave your sight, you sighed seeing that many are not good for the soul, as you felt it is the end if one just find you.

Walking back to the road which you can still see the horde just aimlessly heading towards the warehouse is, you did not bother with them as it seems pointless messing with that many of them at once, you head off once more, or you were about to hearing something behind you.

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DE – 25

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

You: “Arr!”

You shouted as you cut the back your finger to see if what you really saw that wasn’t just in your head since the cut unlike the time you smashed the zombie skull bare handed then, you cut the back of your middle finger just a little on used can form the baked beans.

Seeing the blood from the back of your middle finger drops to the ground, you see your middle finger healing the cut, as if the cut just seal itself and healed, seeing this, your eyes widen, see do not only have inhuman agility and strength, but also your regeneration speed is on a different level as well.

But thinking about it, a cut will take least 2 or 3 weeks if your body is about five times faster than before, and you have no idea what the difference between you strength before this happening or afterwards, but you know healing a cut which takes a least few weeks should not be recovered just 2 or so seconds.

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DE – 24

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

After leaving the warehouse which happens to take you on the road, as you follow the road, wishing it will take you least anywhere you might find people who happen to know of your brother or where he is.

Walking down the road which you have no idea what the name of the road called or where it is located, but you just walk onwards with no goal where to go now, should you go home? But there no point going there as you doubt your brother will be there or anyone there.

Taking a slip of one of the two water bottles you have, when your throat feels dry, looking at the bottle before putting in back in the backpack and carry on walking on the road.

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DE – 23

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

Seeing them, you began to walk backwards you find it weird that the three zombies who can run and has fangs and long nails like claws just moving towards you slowly waiting for the chance to attack you.

Seeing this you took deep breath before you about to run towards the door but at that moment one of them leap at you, seeing that you ran for it as you did you run and run towards the door with 3 of those things trying they hardest with their own high-level speed with your inhuman speed as you went past the door which leads outside of the building you been in for unknown amount of time.

Feeling the sun in your eyes that almost blinded you than as you ran outside as you did you see you are indeed surrounded by a forest seeing the green trees or some already turning blown you know it almost autumn.

Hearing the sounds of running and turning around seeing the three zombies who faster than the average human but they not as fast as your own speed.

Seeing them once more moving around you waiting for another chance to attack you, this time you see something on the floor as you see the huge paw paint into the floor which you stare at it which at this moment you hear something behind you.

Seeing the black fur animal standing 2.5m tall seeing this creature you had seen before but never this big, a dog this animal is standing up on it all fours with an all mighty aura around this beast seeing the three zombies before heading off and leaped into one of them with speed faster than them, as the evolve zombie just looked at the giant dog before it has bitten its head clean off.

Seeing the might and speed of the giant dog roaming the place like a king you felt fear seeing something this bigger than you and the length of the dog just unbearable to think what it can do to you as you felt weak facing this animal.

After killing the other two within a small amount of time, seeing the dog just eating their bodies as it not even bother about you being here, you began to step back as you did you left the giant dog alone enjoying its meal.

You walked for a bit before you stop looking back seeing if the monster is not following you, you sighed seeing no dog but you not safe since the giant dog is not only your enemy seeing the sea of zombies ahead of you as they drag their bodies towards you, you know you cannot go past this many of them since they no path left that already taken by them.

Seeing this, you looked around since you cannot go back with the giant dog there eating on the zombies it has killed nor you can go forward, you notice they are another path which leads to the front gate which leads outside world, the only way from leaving this warehouse you have at this moment and not many of them at where the gate that leads outside of the warehouse.

Knowing that you started to run it to the front gate with your inhuman speed, you ran from where you are and to the metal open gate with only less than a minute to get there which will take the average human five minutes to run that far towards the entrance with leads your freedom for leaving this place.

With your backpack on your back and no weapons on you which made you feel little unsafe about the fact you have no weapon but as long you alive which what really matters at the moment as you think where you go as of now with no idea where you are or where is your brother and your childhood friend is at.

DE – 22

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

As you got some clue where you are, but you do not remember any warehouse with a forest even surrounded or next to one.

Knowing that you walked once more down the path of the hallway as you did you soon met another zombie but seeing the thing did not notice you, you left it alone and carried on walking until you find the staircase which leads downwards as you think you on the top floor.

Walking down the staircase, you soon find a dead body with a hole in his head which seems like he killed himself before turning or they got to him.

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DE – 21

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

Still in shock that the body you have now does not feel like the one you known, it like if it’s someone else body, seeing the ripped off arms of the armless zombies still heading to you even without their arms they still trying to get you.

With their movement wake you from your shock seeing the two armless zombies and the one who been sent flying drags it heavy like lead body towards you as you took a deep breath before they about to reach you.

Dodging the hands of the zombie that been sent flying not long ago as you see it’s movement seems to be slower or is you that just faster?

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DE – 20

Note: If you just started to read DE (Death Era) I advise you to read them in order before trying this one, if you already read them, enjoy the post!

Reading the letter that your brother left here as he called you evolve human which you do not get or the fact Death Era? Are they calling this era? Lawless, you think about Kaleb which seems to not care about the law at all to the point he was killing the survivors just because they told him he can’t has his way or it seems like it were the case to you.

Thinking about this lawless world where anyone opens up about their desires you thought about it this Death Era truly a dangerous time of age when zombies attacking the living and the living doing as they please with no one stopping them, no law or government to keep order.

Reading the last parts of the latter just telling you to keep on living no matter what.

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